So, now that Tencent owns a large amount of FC stock, what now?

It would be nice if we got an update FROM FC as to what this means for all of its games.

Are we going to see more updates for legacy titles? Like AO, AoC, TSW? (because those have stagnated)

Are we NOT going to see updates for legacy titles?

Is FC only going to churn out new products?

Will FC be getting more capital to improve legacy titles? specific titles? new titles only?

It has been a month since the purchase and there is nothing in FC news that gives any sort of insight. Maybe some other news article is out there giving a proper statement but a quick google search yields articles dates September 30th.

So really, whats going on? Is there anything that will impact players (of all titles) in a beneficial way? When are you going to start communicating on the forum better so we can have something tangible to look at and reference?

Use more lube please.

They’re probably going to try and make money off Dune. They almost certainly have no interest in the AO IP. If anything, they’ll pop out an AoC mobile clone.

I agree. I have no hope for any content development for AO or any of their MMOs (AO, TSW, AoC). From a business standpoint its a waste of money. But I am not a FC CEO so my opinion is just that. I would like there to be an official response.

They’re the largest but not the majority shareholder. I suspect that if they were we’d soon see Asian grind mechanics and loot-boxes. I agree, a note here from FC would’ve been nice. I saw the news a month ago when it was announced.