Tencent now owns 95% of FC

Here is a link to when Tencent only owned a much smaller portion of FC, read the first (2nd?) post. https://www.reddit.com/r/ConanExiles/comments/dbc8qd/tencent_to_become_largest_shareholder_in_funcom/

So if FC was going to remain virtually independent when Tencent owned a smaller portion of FC to now where Tencent owns FC, what is going to happen? You think this will be SOE part 2 electricboogaloo?

I expect that Tencent will send a VIP to various meetings and do the old "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?" thing.

Which will show up like so: (in decreasing order of probability)

Will no one give us MORE MTX? (micro-transactions)

Will no one give us Loot Boxes?

Will no one give us F2P?

Time frame… might see something as early as the Anniversary Celebration-- doubt it, too soon, but Halloween & Holidays maybe.

COVID 19 has pushed back everything 6 months at least. (Gonna be a great (at first) excuse:
“Where NEW DLC?” “Cough, COVID, Cough!”

I’ll keep logging on but I won’t be re-upping my sub this December unless I see solid evidence of development.

Anything is better than FC running itself imo. They have an awful track record when it comes to managing their games. Tencent could have the balls to set up a f2p model for their games. Finally some hope for the future of funcom games. This news is neutral at worst and amazingly hopeful at best.


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While I am no fan of Chinese style censorship. They do want to make money, and that means they will either tank anarchy online… or see it for what it is.

A mature game, ready for a reset and F2P model. With cheap/affordable micro transactions, and a fixed economy… along with minor bug polishing. This game could be a passive cash cow for the company.

I can’t justify spending $200 bucks for a few pieces of virtual garbage. But for a whole heap of virtual garbage, I would gladly spend $300 bucks.

So… make things affordable and people will spend spend spend.

I should’ve made it clear that I’d be happy…er, happier, with the changes I mentioned above.

The mmo Path of Exile might provide a clue. I put a bunch of hours into it both before & after Tencent bought Grinding Gear-- haven’t noticed any change but I play solo and very casually wouldn’t notice. Maybe someone here really into it can comment?

And I totally agree that spending 300 one dollar a pop at a time for a new "OMG, MY EYES!" Trox outfit is how you get more from the players.

Hasn’t really changed at all, at least as far as my experience goes. Also, from PC Gamer:

I hear you. The current item shop is overpriced. I’ve looked at stuff like heckler juice, keys and beacon packs several times, but I always end up thinking “no effing way”. And that’s from a guy, who readily spends 5-10€ on a skin in other games… just because it was there and I thought “oh, neat”…

If anything were to happen I would imagine there would be a f2p model with a subscription that gave certain benefits/buffs similar to other games that are f2p but have an “optional” subscription model. I feel the in game item store is pretty well rounded, it pretty much has everything you would see in your average cash shop. Loot boxes could be a potential avenue similar to what TSW has where chests drop but can only be opened by keys you buy in the item store. I dont think that would work in AO though considering how AO is with gear progression and other things. A lot of things are a bit moot in my opinion like XP buff items and various other things. AO is pretty easy to level once you have a team, soloing for XP is a different matter but through dailies and if you aren’t some hardcore gamer/leveler than you can casually level while making progress.

In summary, I dont see anything/much happening with item store items. Maybe f2p model with subscription but I really dont think anything will happen. Sort of that if it’s not broke dont fix it mentality. Cash flow positive, dont touch, approaching or is cash flow negative, step in and do something.

as to keep forum active my piece of thought:
1 - AO is a great game and Tencent will not shut it down.
2 - AO2 is not happening
3 - Froob gameplay is not fun
4 - the next logical step would be F2P with microtransactions and a sweet something for the subs (silencer armor, appartements, org creating - i’m looking at u)

5 - server threw me out like 7 times 2day and i am paid - hope this changes asap

just take a look at fortnite or wow pricing. even STO is OK compared to FC shop.

You think making AO free would generate so many people that microtransaction would work? Might be a nice first step to allow Sloobs again, froobs taking SL by storm would be a fun thing to see :smiley:

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AO should have gone F2P a long time ago. I would settle on B2P if it opened up the whole game to everyone. I dont want to rant about the finer details of why, but at the end of the day its all about money and more than likely FC doesn’t care about AO in any way so long as its making money; if it isn’t broken dont touch it.

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