Anti Democratic Gaming company Buys 29% of Funcom Shares (Tencent) gaming. This is awful to hear

I was just reading about this on the news the other day and I know gaming platforms prefer to be unbiased but for a game about freedom and seeking your own path I strongly hope you will not take the path of silencing, censoring, or otherwise punish any of the people who really enjoy your game in support of a communist regime. Please please please do not give them any kind of controlling shares in your company, Riot which is also in cahoots with Tencent (6th largest game owner and based in china) and they too are anti democracy and cutting down on anyone else supporting the protesters, It’s my hope that if you won’t take a stand for democracy, that you please not allow the outside views of a vapid anti-democratic government driven company to ruin Conan the way Warcraft and League of Legends was for me.

I am not asking for an actual statement on this from the company, just voicing that I really do not want a company siding with your’s that’s putting it’s foot on the throat of other people who play the games they invest in.

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This topic has already been discussed here, Tencent owns 5% of many companies and they have not gone on the dark side as far. The comparison with Riot is ridiculous, they own Riot! They are not investors, they run Riot since 4 years!

Regarding Blizzard I do not see how Warcraft suffered the 5% acquired by Tencent. And if you’re alluding to the recent controversy over Hearthstone, do not be fooled by the conspiracy rush on the internet, there’s no indication that Tencent has anything to do with this story, Blizzard would have banned any political expression during a competition whether it concerns China or not.

Honestly we must stop panicking every time China invested in something. Otherwise we will spend our time panicking.


You do know tencent owns a crap ton of games. Your rant is not needed since you prob been playing their games and funding them for years…

I DM’d Tascha on Twitter and she says Funcom isn’t affiliated with China.

Neither is Blizzard, more or less, but that didn’t stop them from coming down hard on Blitzchung and the two shoutcasters who’s crime was being, you know, there.

Lets face it. Blizzard got spooked and panicked when Blitzchung said what he did. This line that it had nothing to do with China and they would have done the same thing with any political statement is BS.


Here are Funcom responses on the matter.

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There is absolutely no connection between your argument and your deduction. Blizzard panicked, yes no doubt, so it has something to do with Tencent and China? I missed something.

Yes Blizzard panicked, as this company panics as soon as politics enters the gears of its competitions or other events. Blizzard strives to maintain an absolutely smooth image of their business, I know for having worked with them for several years for a french news organization. You do not imagine how obsessive it is for them to have a pure image. An image in which someone who has an opinion has no place, because he could get out of the frame. I could see at BlizzCon 2015 already, the way in which the interviews with the press took place, the atmosphere has nothing to do with other developers.

On the other hand I worked with Ubisoft and the mentality is absolutely not the same. Much freer, more open-minded, and yet Tencent also owns shares in Ubisoft.

Blizzard has been like this for a number of years, Tencent and China have nothing to do with it.

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