Please do not sell to Tencent!

Tencent is the worst. I literally made an account to write this. Tencent is another arm the chinese government that seeks to invade western nations and ruin western media.

I don’t want censorship, I don’t want chinese pandering, I just want Conan.

If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have made this account. I won’t buy any future DLC or support any future games if Tencent own more of this Funcom.


I made my account yesterday to post one small suggestion and to ask Funcom not to sell a majority stake to Tencent. I would hate to see the Conan franchise die just like others that were reoriented to Eastern audience.

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PixArk is pretty good, what’s your problem?
So much xenophobia in this thread…(not racism, because if you aren’t vegan you are racist, eating other races flesh)

Too late mate. China has found everyones weakness and grabs em by it… greed. We’ve already lost, just enjoy the game, hope its not yet censored to crap and go down with a smile. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are an outragously funny person. :rofl: Thanks for the laugh!


Free Hong Kong and Tibet!

The thing is, when I try to be funny people think I’m being serious, when i’m serious people think i’m trying to be funny. Probably something to do with hormones from not eating murdered puppies anymore.