The Next Event Launches In September

In The Black Signal Off-topic Forum [Funcom Financial Report Q2 2018] it is mentioned that the SWL team is ‘working on the next event which will launch in late September’.
It is currently September so this thread is intended to stimulate interest in this months upcoming event.

Information regarding this next event is probably scarce at present, but please update any details that you might come across. Also feel free to postulate on any expectations or anticipations of this September event.

By suggesting a ‘late’ September date it would not be unreasonable to expect an actual October launch, therefore potentially Samhain related. However this may not be the case and be completely unrelated as a Seasonal. For example similar to smaller scale events as seen in the past such as ‘Free Keys’ event or ‘Empowerment’ event that enhance repeatable content. Edit: Or ‘Gilded Rage’ Events as seen in TSW.
If not a major seasonal event, what minor perk event would have you logging back in order to undertake current repeatable content? Free Fusions? Cosmetic Discounts? Double Shards? Max Sprint Buff?

If it is a SWL Samhain (2018) will it be a completely new event? or a modified one from TSW?
What TSW Samhain event would you wish to see re-visited in SWL?
Will it replace the Cat God arc from 2017 to be a standalone event, or run in conjunction? What would you prefer?
Assuming a new cache will drop that is seasonally related, would you want the Haunted cache back or something new and If so what would you want to see it be?

And of course, will there be flare guns?

Would be great to see Nirvelle in here or AndyB dropping an obscure comment or two.

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There’s absolutely no reason for Funcom not to continue the re-releasing TSW Samhain events year by year. It’s still new content for new players, and not-seen-in-quite-a-while content for veterans.

Added benefit: doing so might leave more time to work on actual new content on the side.


Wanna add that the wording in the financial report is kinda obscure. We might not be looking at what we traditionally call an event.

OR, instead of “obscure”, some actual information would be super cool.

Last stream was in July and even in 2016, which was largely considered “radio silence”, there was more interaction than we get now. With the awful presenter in the quarterly presentation needing a few seconds to finally produce a remark that “the old MMOs are still developed”, one could think it’s dead.

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I’m curious about where that flaregun model came from. This is the first I’ve seen of it. I do remember several concept art images being leaked/released/whatever at one point way back when. Of note in that release was the “mirror” aux weapon that never was. The description of how it would have worked and some ability ideas they had for it were absolutely amazing. And of course it had to be scrapped. Just too much amazing for the game to handle, I guess.

The picture kinda has a link: I’m pretty sure you can google this page while searching for Secret World art.

Faction flare guns were a reward for the Secret War pre-launch event. I never had one so I can’t tell you if the in-game item actually uses the models shown in the render.

Andy posted this while people were discussing the September event on the discord.

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Oh. I have that on TSW. There’s no model because there’s no equipped item. You click it in your inventory and a flare shoots out the top of your head. That’s all. No animation at all. Just out the top of your head.

Maybe the models were created for those but never used. The date on the render seems to fit.

Flare guns are nice, but even better are those Road Flares which are getting some practical usage at the moment, so ++Haunted Road Flares.

Andy posted this while people were discussing the September event on the discord.

Indeed obscure. However there’s wisdom is BombShelley’s comment…

A prior TSW Samhain event now modified for SWL would of course not have been done in TSW.

As the first Samhain event for both TSW and SWL revolved around the Cat God i’m currently leaning towards a remake of ‘Spooky Stories’, the second TSW Samhain event.

If this is the case, how to generate hype without releasing any information. Even the slightest hint at the theme would indicate (to vets) what is install. Just dropping the words ‘Spooky’ or ‘Story’ or ‘Solomon Island’ and BAM! the jig is up. And the SWL CDC personnel placement seems primed for organ donor.

I recall that prior to 2013 Samhain launch the player-base wrote short stories (140 characters or less) on the Twitterverse, and some creative and scarey stuff came out of that.

Edit: GridStream's Halloween 2018 Brainstorming thread - #38 by Jezebelle

If the event runs late September through to early October, then it May be connected to Oktoberfest.
Which is a large drinking festival in Munich. Lots of drinking merry making and probly fireworks.

Now should some of the beer become tainted with the filth, it could become a race against time to sort it out before everyone becomes turned…

Pure speculation on my part, nothing apart from the timing to suggest that it would be anything connected to this. :slight_smile:

Autumn Equinox

Just sayin’…


Oh my… what a time to be alive.

Anything to be made of this?

There are stones in Stonehenge if I remember rightly.


I mean… it’s an excellent representation of the game… :wink:

Right. These stones are connected to druid culture and were hung are the neck for magical protection, particularly malevolent witchcraft.

They were also tied to the key of stable doors to protect horses, or on the end of beds for protection against witches and demons such as the Night Hag.

They have a number of names including ‘Druid’s Glass’, ‘Gloine nan druidh’ (Scottish Gaelic), ‘Hag stones’, ‘Witch stones’ and ‘Adder stones’. In the druidic tradition the stone is formed from the hardened mass of writhing snakes.

It is held that by looking through the hole in the middle, in addition removing the glamour of a witch or fairy, can align oneself to the non-material world, even provide the ability to see through to the faerie realm.

There are strong similarities here with Samhain’s ‘Crossing The Black Path’.

Hag stones also feature here as one of 13 pieces of folklore, any of which could relate to the Secret World.

Also mentioned in Nivelle’s letter Initiating forum simulation. Initiating dev letter simulation. Standby

Also related to the repeatable content events / seasonal event.


Sale Event Arrived!
Discounted Agent Boosters and Catalysts for fusion upgrades. Also selected cosmetics.


With the equinox on Sunday, September 23rd, there’s a countdown of just 10 days left.
And more information regarding the new ‘Occult Defence’ scenario is becoming steadily available.

Scenario parameters received _ > Awaiting host input _

. . .

> /set 189 "Ní Neart Go Cur le Chéile"
> Stat "ScenarioMOTDInstanceLabel" set

There is no strength without unity. We require your assistance.

The Equinox is nearly upon us. :sunny:

With the limited-time Seasonal Event coinciding with the new scenario release, how will Stonehenge feature in the story backing and Legends? will the upcoming equinox play a part? How will the Druids be involved?

Will they be references to the ancient Celtic Druids and/or incorporate aspects of the modern Druidry movement?

Will there be a new (Celtic?) themed cache tied into the Season Event? If so what kinds of pets, clothes, weapons would you expect to see?
The etymology of the name ‘Druid’ is cognate with words such as ‘wren’ and ‘oak’, so re-skinned anima-touched weaponry could fit, or even a wren as pet.

There is no specific costume for modern Druidry practitioners, however some prefer earth-coloured robes which are said to link them to the natural world.
Also the legend of the Wicker Man is held to be of ancient Druid origin, whereby human sacrifices were performed by imprisoning people inside large wooden effigies of sticks and setting them on fire.
There is already a cosmetic item; ‘Wicker Bee’ Helmet’, so why not a re-skinning for a ‘Flaming Wicker Helmet’?

As the Druids are to be the theme for the upcoming Seasonal Event, how will they tie in to the Secret World story and legends?

The ancient Druids communicated their lore orally and left no written accounts of themselves. What is thought to be known comes from speculation by other cultures. One of the most important sources of information regarding the ancient druids (derwydd, druí, draoidh) claims that their main teaching was that "souls do not perish, but after death pass from one to another", and that they were also concerned with "the stars and their movements, the size of the cosmos and the earth".

The construction of Stonehenge was achieved by a culture that left no written records. It has been popularly attributed to the Iron Age Druids and proposed as an astronomical observatory or religious site. However, Stonehenge predates the Iron Age and there is no evidence that it was ever used by the Iron Age druids.

"‘Druids sacrificing to the Sun in their temple called Stonehenge’,
a 1722 engraving of the site as imagined by William Stukeley".

Modern Druidry has a history of affiliation with the occult and secret societies, first arising in 18th century Britain from Romanticist ideas regarding the ancient druids, then later organising into fraternities modelled on Freemasonry.

Allegedly in 1874 freemason and the first Supreme Magus of the occult Rosicrucian Society Robert Wentworth Little founded the Ancient and Archaeological Order of Druids (AAOD).
Of the Ancient Order of Druids (AOD) one member, Gerald Gardner, went on to establish the Wicca Pagan Witchcraft movement.

The main beliefs of contemporary Druidry include healing the planet through respect and veneration of the natural world. Concerns which are likely to be very different from those of the original Iron Age society druids.
However, there are claims that because Ireland was never conquered by the Romans, that there the ancient druids survived to pass their teachings hereditarily down to modern times.

Druidic organisations are referred to as ‘Orders’ and smaller groups are usually known as ‘Groves’ reflecting an association with trees, which can also be appreciated in their system of tree lore and Ogham alphabet divination.

Small details regarding the Druids already exist in the game such as; in the profile of agent Siobhan Gowan and the commentary from Sonnac and Kirsten Geary via mission reports from Tokyo side ‘The Corpse and the Key’.

The lovely matron of the Dream Palace believes in proper quid pro quo. As you have shown her courtesy in returning her key, she offers the courtesy of identifying her dead patron. He was from the Druids. They are one of many parties represented in the Council of Venice. You’ll note the tree of life symbol on their badges. Curiouser and curiouser. He was so far from home, and the minor factions do not usually tread in places as contentious as Kaidan. I wonder what the Druids, and for that matter the other little factions, are up to?
R. Sonnac

Kaoru likes to play fair, or at least return the back scratch. Since you so graciously returned her love hotel’s room key, she sent us a few tidbits on the dead guest. Looks like he was part of the Druids, a minor faction represented in the Council of Venice (they wear the little tree symbol badges). That’s a surprise. I didn’t think any of the little glee clubs would brave a hot bed zone like Kaidan. I wonder what else they’re getting into, the little darlings.