Halloween Event 2019


Will there be a Halloween Event this year, and when will it begin?

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Bumping this, is there any word out there on Halloween event?

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One of the Halloween Events is part of the achievement system, that’s why I sincerely hope it is a no brainer that all of the old events will happen…right, @AndyB?

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By the Light of the Moon - Thirst of the Serpent God - Nights of Lost Souls - The Shambling Plague are updates released over several years. Some included new content, like the introduction of The Palace of Cetriss, and Special Membership Offers.

The ‘Halloween Event’ hasn’t always started the same date. Sometime between the 19th-22nd? Community Manager @AndyB has confirmed start dates and content in the past.


It has been running every year since it was introduced (correct me if Im wrong). I see no reason why it shouldn’t run this year considering.

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the last few years they have forgotten to enable the night of lost souls/partitally translated page quest,even thou we had asked for it

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They forgotten this year too. On The Secret Word Legend Halloween already started

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Funcom Hate his “age of conan” players and want to get rid of them


that’s exactly what i also think… but i don’t think they hate us, they just want to make us stop playing so they can shut the game down :slight_smile:

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Why they should do this? Funcom never shut down their games. Secret World (no legend) is more death then Fury. Is up.
Anarchy Online is story and is up!

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Guys, you are missing the entire point here.
Funcom is being so spooky this halloween, that they are silent as a ghost. And that is our event.


Are you telling me that no one is checking AoC forum? It’s been 1 week with no answer… is it so hard for fc to answer a simple question? Yes Halloween is on or no Halloween is off, don’t we deserve one simple answer? Wow… and when you think that they have a job because of us… we are the providers and we are treated like garbage. It comes down to being a human…“I make my salary from these idiots, let me give them an answer” but I guess fc don’t hire ppl no more… only machines with no feelings… SHAME ON ALL OF YOU FUNDONTCARE


It’s going to be like the Black Colossus content, wait 3 months passed the announced due date and do a live stream where questions are shrugged off “on hold” and “just can’t talk about it” with a strained chuckle.


There is this…maybe that sucked up all their time and energy…

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Wow. Nice how we had an announcement about it on our own forum page. Good find though, thanks for the post.

Edit- I rather have 20 dollars in FC points, or couple months sub than a poster. :hugs:

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So instead of making content for people, once more it is community job to create the content for the company, amazing. U know stuff like this should be like events and extra fun stuff for people to do. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be getting real content (other FC games included ofc)

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Relax guys. Im sure there will be the normal halloween events. Usually starts a few days before halloween

Doing the same Halloween event for 11 years shouldn’t just cut it :wink:


Oh come on :wink: Its tradition :wink:

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:jack_o_lantern: Trick or Treat :jack_o_lantern: @AndyB

When will it begin?

:adnyplz: We need :candy: