Halloween Final Thoughts

While it seems the general voice for the event has been rather negative. While I was not a fan of several factors; such as the bats and doors and I must say the lighting made building rather difficult.

Over all I loved the visual effects of the sky. Personally, I am a fan of blues and purples and felt the lighting did set for an unsettling mood. I felt the only thing that was missing was to look up and see clouds of smoke pouring out of the sockets of the face in the moon.

That being said. There should have been an option to control this event either turn it on/off or still allow daytime lighting.

While events are welcome in all games a game such as Conan where many of the players are either solo or play on private servers. More power should be given to the admins or player to dictate the course of events.

Anyway, thank you for the experience. I am looking forward to it next year.

Heck, I would love to see it become a selectable feature.

Best regards

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I loved having an event. I loved getting drops and making myself feel rich. Please do it again, but also bring extra danger.

Looking forward to next event. Would love to see a thrall dropping event tons of t1 thralls just to piss people off but 1/100 or something could actually be a t3 or named… just my hopes, I know others will hate it. :slight_smile:


I thought the event was pretty cool on the whole.
Bit of a shame this event wasn’t used to have hoards of roaming undead.
Would have made mining all that loot a bit risky.
Here’s hoping for more challenge with the Xmas event.


I got very little use of event as a whole…

Enjoyed the lighting 100% TILL…I wanted to build my base. Then its pretty much worse thing ever.
Standing Torches and Standing Glow torches helped a ton.

I didnt get to keep my offline character… (I try to avoid using admin tab…) I basically didnt get to keep any of goodies, outside maybe 4-5 hours worth, AND thats if un-patch works and doesn’t screw single player again.

It was fun, but hopfully they’ll fix it(and as hinted, we get another event soon) So hopfully it goes better…

I understand they want these events in any game with more than one player these days, but it was ill done. Bugs, overpowered rewards, atmosphere that doesn’t fit the game (honestly it feels like a cartoony MMO event), etc. But what really makes it a trial for me to endure is that it’s lasted about 6 days too long. I might have enjoyed it somewhat had it not lasted longer than a day, but as it is now I’m already feeling like I don’t want to log in again. That’s not how you want people to feel about your game. Even when you know the event is over (and it should have been over last night, instead it’s STILL going), that feeling is hard to get rid of again.

I sincerely hope they never do an event again. For Christmas I’d like to no longer see grass growing through my floors or rain falling through 3 layers of roofs and ceilings. A bonus would be notes and journals I could actually write on in the game.

I dont think any game has gotten far enough to fix this. Inless they allow player to spray paint textures at will. XD

Someone linked it in another thread, the gloomy nights and whats going on is Lore friendly to Conan. Its not so much Haloween event, as something that does happen in Fall in Conan lore.
Minus meteor parts anyway. XD

Yes i would like skeletons spawning at random places at night time


yes i have one thing to say about the event, please can you bloody end the dam thing havent been able to play for a week because its constant night time, thanks for the event but damm what was you thinking…i know what people who play survival games love, running around in dark, Yes we do to go around unseen but not 24/7. please just stop this patch so i can go back to playing the game

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Lol xcuse me but im so fed up with it, you just expressed what i was about to post. :yum:

We know this event wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and we’re taking several lessons away from the forum chatter for the past week. We’ll also be putting up a feedback form to collate everyone’s opinions in once place.


i’m willing to bet they lost 5% of your population because of this event. I was really upset about how bad i was wrecked because of the door glitch

Jens, to say my comment seemed pretty pissy and im not going to lie it kind of was but i hope you dont take that as i did not apreciate what you have done, and i think if the night time and day time was balanced that would of been an awesome event, i hope you understand the reason behind my upset was simpley due to because i love conan hands down one of my favorite games in a long time been with you since early access just befor the frozen north came. but to see a responce back from you guys as a team on the same day and i have seen you Jen responed to a fair few other post, its amazing that you responed to the community so quick.!!! once again i love Conan exiles great game and i dont see me getting bord of it any time soon… 600hrs pluss and i aim for more

I think it was a good start, of course it wasnt perfect but nobody was expecting that. Funcom is getting a lot feedback from players and we experienced something new for a change! Yay! I wrote a very detailed feedback and I hope everybody is doing the same, so we can all benefit from it, both Funcom and the community, for the next events.

Events are a good thing, this one was just poorly thoughtout. Hopefully they took some feed back away and learn from it as I would still like to see events in the future. There is plenty of things they could do that wouldn’t drastically affect game play and yet still give their player base that special touch of something new.


Here’s hoping there is no Xmas event.


I’ve been wondering how many players on PvP servers got owned by the fact that anyone could just walk through certain types of doors and loot their crafting stations, etc.

Here’s hoping there IS :stuck_out_tongue:

No, not really. Certainly not a literal Christmas event by any means. But a Winter Solstice or similar could work. But I’d like to think Funcom has learned a lot from the (legitimate) criticism this event got, and will use it to make the next one - whatever or whenever - better. I do think the “lore” part of this Halloween event was okay though: no costumes, no pumpkins, etc. That part was nicely handled.


… bats flew out of all my doors… …. every damn time…

But really, it wasn’t that it technically broke no lore, but the feel of the thing in its entirety for me that was off. It just felt like an MMO event to me, and this is not an MMO. The biggest hurdle for me was still the length of it, with looting stuff like skeleton keys and dragon heads as a close second. I did like getting to try foods I don’t have (yet or because I just don’t bother), and other mostly cosmetic things like small amounts of rarer dyes etc. Even small treats like samples of rarer metals and coins. I still didn’t want those to fall from the skies every 10 minutes or so and definitely not for 7 days. And I don’t know what settings some people were running that they claimed it was as bright as the usual days, but on our server we couldn’t see worth **** for 7 days.

I would have really liked finding new in-game lore about all-souls and being able to do something with that (RP-PVP server).

I loved that short-term new content was added to the game via a special event. This will only encourage players to stay in game longer once the proper balance to these events are made.

We all need to remember this is the first event, it will not and should not be expected to be perfect under any circumstances. I can only see these events becoming better and more defined in time.

I would suggest to keep event lore true and not cheesey. Be very mindful of prizes…i.e. Dragon heads should never be a drop and should be earned through blood, sweat, and tears same as Keys. I loved the opportunity to gain extrememly and typically non-spawning items such as legendary repair kits… we could actually use our beloved legendary weapons now instead of mounting them like a show car that is never driven.

Knowing that a seperate team does this gives me hope for new adventures great and small. I personally would like to see maybe a small event activity… i.e. new ghosts interaction with a small lore story and a mini quest of some kind. There are many opportunities to be seen with these events.

That being said, we also need to keep mindful and diligent in fixing the bugs that ruin the basic game play. We occasionally see these fixes and unfortunately many times the fixes create new bugs. The bug fixing team really needs to be a bit ahead of the game and more proactive… (yes easier said than done but reality must be said here).

Also, if gportal is such an issue with the function of the game, Funcom should utilize some forced pressure on them to fix, demand fixes, and/or assist with fixes to ensure your gaming community is having the best experience possible. I.e. broken purges.

I add these thoughts here because I understand these are two different teams with the development structure, as such, new events, dungeons, lore, DLCs, map expansions should be embraced and continued for the health of the game as a whole. Once players each level 60 there is only a few things left to do and this added content is definitely a way to handle some of the level 60 restlessness…that and working purges would help.

Thank you Funcom for the first special event. Lets find a good balance now and rock some more out!



I would like to challenge this. This event single Handley stopped me logging in for 5 days I logged in day 1 for maybe 3 hours then again day 2 for 45 minutes. It’s actually possible now that I’ve started some other games I’ll probably just go into maintenance mode for awhile and see if funcom can fix the rest of their broken game. Had bases looted because doors were bugged and people could just walk through my doors so that was awesome too.