Halloween event

Recently decided to pop on back and give conan another go.

I am quite pleased with this Halloween event, I like it a lot and I hope the devs might think about adding additional holidays.

I’ve seen a few posts about it being too dark, and the only thing I have to say about that is perhaps your contrast and gamma aren’t optimized to begin with. I am having no issues with it being ‘too dark’, just having a great time over all.

The bats flying out of the door was a nice touch, I thought I may have imagined it the first time. Lol!

Thank you for this little event, Funcom!


Well yes, it’s too dark, and all “in blue”. For me it put the things pretty ugly and not comfy, I will play back after the event.


I am loving these black and white dyes too, ecstatic!

They should do limited holiday themed dyes. Like glow-in-the-dark, or neon.

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It’s far too dark to play. I don’t want to play until this nonsense is over with.

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Ya, popped in for a few minutes to see what all the gripe was about. I have an Samsung 40 inch 4K HDR TV for my monitor, which has been software calibrated for accurate color displays (using an iDisplay Pro, $300 device though).

Everything looks fine to me. That said, Tascha said they have a hotfix coming to address some of the too dark issues, so maybe it only happens under certain circumstances or hardware or something.

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