Halloween night, a new approach for regular night?


The event night filters are really good, its still dark, immersive, with a different ambiance music, but people can still see just fine.

I recently started a topic asking for longer nights, I find it ridiculous we have 30 minutes of day and 180 seconds of actual night. People showed mixed feelings about that, while others shared my opinion that night is underused and have a lot more potential others didnt see it this way, seems like the MMO hack and slash influence is strong in this game.

But the new visuals, with a few adjustments, has potential to replace the regular night. Allowing it to last longer
but not changing drastically peoples gaming experience.


I asked them about it a year ago … The night should be longer and darker. They did not respond to that. It’s time to get used to the fact that Conan is a game for casual players, there is nothing difficult. Tell me why a panther or a tiger or a hyena can’t catch a man ??? There is no danger in the game. They were asked to break a spear, they again did nothing. All pvp players use spears, because this is an OP weapon. I can continue this list for a long time. Only no one will see. In the spears you need to remove the possibility of evasion.


I don’t like using the spear but you are right all the players on the two servers I play on use the religiously. Tigers and hyenas can’t catch you because they are set at a speed threshold so as not to clip through the ground when running.

@Asteria how long of an extension to the night are you thinking? 180sec increased to 240/270/X?


Tigers, hyenas and wolves of panthers, must catch up with humans.


I know, I completely agree with you!

When I asked for longer nights, to add a bit difficult in this game (that lacks completely) people argued they couldnt kill enemies at night, couldnt harvest, or fell off cliffs at night… that is really sad.

Night time could be the time players feel danger, some animals are more aggressive, some people would need to sacrifice their 2 handed weapons and hold a torch, PvP could improve and sieges could be done at night, player ambushes, etc… There are just many opportunities to improve the game and make it slighty harder. But some people wanna feel safe in a survival game and forget this sense of danger is important to keep the game interesting and challenging.


I dont know, its up to Funcom decide this. But anything greater than the 180 seconds we have would be a victory.

The game has potential to be interesting in both day and night, if they make the right changes they could make night time even more interesting, allowing sneaking, ambushes, etc…


Totally agree with you. So many times the night saved me from 3-4 people that they were chasing me. At night you can do a lot of things. And yes, it would be more dangerous for animals) I already wrote above that at the moment Conan is a casual game, animals are weak, predictable bosses, and it is easy to kill bosses with a spear. Once upon a time, there were Mayhem servers, where it was dangerous to leave the house and go to the raid, it was fun. Now what? PVP on time. I don `t know what the developers think, calling their game" the harsh world of Conan ")


From a PvP perspective my clan and I use it to get into position for raiding on our private server. On officials… Not possible to do. The locked raid times just never sync up with the DN cycle. Ambushes are unlikely we have only ever managed to catch one player in the dark. It’s a short reprieve where they reorganize some storage and/or restart any crafting tables. At this point it’s a quick administration time and at first light back to the grind. It doesn’t cut into the routines because night is kinda short. Even a 300 sec night would make players come out more often.

And for the record I use sword and board in PvP. I love the shield bash.


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