Dark night for who?

Im trying to get to understand, why we have dark night in conan game, but we never can experience it anymore with the new update.
I mean for me it was great experience, before, dark night and then the moon light.
This now, makes no sense. For who is there dark night now? Not for players, I mean I run in the night and I everything illuminate around me.
Terrible experience for me, everytime there is night now.
I would prefer, there was no more night. Or that the night wasn’t that dark, instead of what we have now.
I keep asking myself why?

Er, what now?

Nothing. Im done

Well… I might not be recalling properly, but before this light was applied you couldn’t see anything at night in many areas, even outside (before the eclipse, that is). Literally anything. That’s also not realistic, as your eyes adapt to the dark.
I believe this light tries to simulate that, your eyes adapting to the dark.
Maybe it’s a matter of configuring your settings? The way I have them, this “glow” slightly iluminates the very near surroundings. I thought it was going to be much worse. It didn’t end up disturbing my game. I still can’t see shit in dark areas at night over a 4 or 5 meters radius…

I know rural areas since a young age.
I know them when all public ilumination went out about midnight.
We used to stroll to see the night sky and we could see, even during new moon nights. When the moon was out, we could see clearly unless the sky was cloudy… If you aren’t in the woods, in a canyon or inside, you can actually see your surroundings with natural light, in most cases.
Lower your gamma settings. It might help.
Anyway, this glow could be optional.

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I don’t think it is a huge deal. During the eclipse, I be the dev team got lots of compliments about the visibility during the night cycle and they pumped this change for them. Doesn’t really affect my game play

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Mine either, @erjoh . It’s dim enough. Where it needs to be dark, it’s still dark.
Btw, for those being affraid of losing stealth, nobody but you can see the light.

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Have you been out in the country on an over cast night? Your eyes aren’t going to adjust to that dark.
Now clear sky, full moon, you can practically read. But that light doesn’t follow me around. But if I go in to a cave it will be pitch black.

I think the personal glow is disturbingly unrealistic. Make ambient light equate to light sources and drop the personal glow.


Where you have a light source. But the personal glow works everywhere. Meaning in the woods, in a canyon or inside.

Yup been asking for that since it hit test.

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How else would they simulate your ability to see in the dark?
I wouldn’t mind the glow being optional.
I just don’t find it very disturbing…

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When my eyes adjust to the dark they don’t just adjust to the dark in my personal space.

They had the sweet spot before they turned it super dark around the beginning of 3.0.

It seems almost the same except for the glow :confused:

The problem was Siptah and the forests. Too many complaints on how dark that got.

Are you saying that the night time is too dark for you?

Carry a torch mate. You know…light…?

Did I sound attacked? No, man, I didn’t take it like that at all. I just shared my experience. :beers:
I was absolutely mortified when I heard about that change, @Bathory . I thought we would glow only a bit less than torches. Then I noticed it was more like a dim glow, perhaps simulating our ability to see during the night. When you’ve prepared for the worse… so it didn’t bother me.

to much fog to much bad weathr to many times day of time night…
pluss it adds up in places wich are dark even on a bright day…

no i remember when the devs put lametta on it as they introduced it on siptah, but i dont like this region to dark u cant see much, not beautyfull enviroment, its one of funcoms ideas how to put players on stress… in the past we had items that let u see in the dark but even those seam to be striped away like alot fun wich got stripped away bit by bit … the game turns more and more into something unfunny to play with…

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Personally not a fan of it. It seems tolerable (not fine, but meh I’ll deal) on a moonlit night, but if I’m in a cave or something, it’s there. It also adds a blue-ish glow to things around me, so if I’m in a base without lights, my thralls get lit up when I get close to them. Would much rather have a toggle but at least I play PC and can go the mod route.

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