Need a way to darken my nights

Would anyone happen to know of a mod that will darken the lighting effect at night on a server, not just the client?

I find the nights a little too bright and I would like to make it more realistic and make the nights darker than they currently are without changing gamma or brightness settings as that would just make the day in the game seem too dark and also make all the game menus darker as well so that won’t work.

I lived 50 minutes outside of Tucson Arizona and being that far out of town the nights where so dark I couldn’t see 10 feet in front of me without a flashlight outside.

The ability to see 100 - 500 feet away at midnight in-game in a time and place that electricity does not exist except lightning and I know that other Exiles around the lands are not using street lights to light up the neighborhood so where is all this light pollution coming from in the game? LOL

I never use torches cause I don’t need them to see it’s so bright in the game and no it’s not the brightness on my display when on the dark side of a moon in Star Citizen it is so dark you need to turn on the headlight on your helmet to see anything so I know the non-existent dark is game specific only to Conan Exiles.

So if someone would be so kind to help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

You could even just lower/raise the contrast on your monitor. For me, the nights are dark as all hell.

Then I would have to adjust my monitor again for in the day, that’s the same as messing with gamma and brightness.

Not an acceptable option.

But thank you for trying to help =)

Even if that was viable I want a server-wide option that affects the server for all players, not just my screen =)

I agree with TwinCrows, my nights are exceptionally dark. I can see stars moon and fires


At night I can see 2 things. Jack and… well, you know the rest.

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When in the desert, I can see a little ways thanks to the moonlight. When up north, it’s like running through a black curtain in between lightning strikes. Personally, i think there should be slightly more light in the snow covered areas at night, since the white should reflect moonlight. Other than the snow, i think it’s about perfect.


Ok here is what I am talking about…
This is Conan Exiles at 12 o’clock at night in the Desert…
Anyone needing a torch to see here needs glasses and possibly eye surgery.

Here is 12 o’clock at night in the North…
Notice I do not need a Torch to see here either.

Oh, look there is a wolf 300 feet away over on the hill! see him?

Now here is Star Citizen at night…

Here is me using a headlight to light up the area to see better…

Gama and Brightness settings on my Monitor are the exact same as I use playing Conan Exiles…
Anyone saying they cant see in the dark or that the nights in the game are just fine and don’t need settings for Admins to be able to change the light levels server wide in Conan exiles needs to play some Star Citizen then tell me that the nights in Conan Exiles are dark =P

I want Funcom to add Server Settings So that I can adjust the light levels at night to make the game on my Server darker for my self and my friends who also play on my Server.
Because my self I want immersion and want the game on my Server to be as realistic as possible unlike the majority of players who don’t care about immersion and realism in games.
Im a serious hard core gammer and like my game to reflect that =)

I don’t find this too bright, and run off of cliffs in the forests up north (too stubborn for torches). My gamma in game is set at 2.2. Perhaps if you really are a “hardcore” gamer you should take the few extra clicks to brighten or dim your monitor in between games (no disrespect intended).


I don’t get why your screen is darker than mine, as you can see the other game I play is much much darker…

Turning the brightness down on my monitor would make Star Citizen much too dark even inside stations that are well lit…
And I have also calibrated my monitor for natural lighting…

Could it be that your monitor is turned down in brightness? have you compared the lighting at night with other games in night mode? I’m very curious as to why my Exiles game is so bright… it used to be darker than your screenshots a couple months ago…
let me know I’d like to get to the bottom of this… with nights so bright its very immersion breaking.
Thanks for sharing the screenshots =)

Also just turning my monitor down wouldn’t accomplish what I am wanting to do… I want to set the servers night lighting back to how it used to be for everyone on my server

update just checked my gamma in the game and it is set at 1.7
Guess for now ill turn it down to 1.0 even though it will put me at a disadvantage while others on the server have brighter lighting at night =(

Welp nope setting Gamma in options does lower the brightness of the night but it makes the daylight look unnatural and brownish in color will not do… they just need to add a setting specifically that controls the lighting at night time to add more shadow to darken up the night.

maybe this might help?


Thanks but I have already calibrated my monitor for true colors and true lighting as you can see from my screenshots above.

But thanks for the link

Your screenshots don’t show monitor calibration. The only one who can see that is you.

It has to be your calibration. I play mostly in the north. Cant see a thing. I tend to travel by memory at night as i also am not a torch fan. When the moon is up i can at least see silhouettes.


I was totally surprised at how dark the nights were the first time nightfall came. I can’t see my hand in front of my face. It is totally weird that your screen is so bright. I play on a samsung 50" TV default settings.

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Is this sharing night time screenshoot topic ?^^

Tho about your problem, it might be because of the recent patchs (espetialy when they ad dynamic weather)
I’ve noticed that there is a full moon cycle, and along with that a diferent shaped night, more or less bright

it seem related to the zone you are too, like a field, or a forest.

if that ain’t the case, you can still try reshade, but i don’t know if that’s consider a cheat or not :confused:

That is really weird because dark areas in other games I play are actually dark and not bright like in Conan exiles
Star Citizen.
Age of Conan.
Elder Scrolls Online.
Fallout 4.
Black Desert Online.

All of these games have Dark Nights where I actually need to use a light source to see… and only one game, ONE GAME has nights that are too bright which suggests to me that it is not a system issue but a Lighting problem during the night time cycle in Conan Exiles causing the issue.

Following is taken at noon in the north:

The daylight seen in above screenshot is a little dark due to my Gamma setting in the game being set at 1.6 to darken the night time to where it is at in the previous screenshots. Shaded sunny days yet brightly lit nights…

Seven Games with perfect darkness levels and one game where night is too bright I cannot see the logic that since Conan Exiles night lighting is bright so it has to be my system settings or I need to turn down my Gamma / Monitor Brightness when that whole list of Games have perfect darkness levels.

Can you please explain your logic?

You can see the total difference between the Dark Light levels in the 5 screenshots I posted, if you can’t see the difference then perhaps your system settings are wrong.

I guess I could be like a lot of other players and take advantage of this Superior Night Vision and obvious unfair advantage and play on PVP servers Grief every player I see in the night and murder them without mercy and for them never have even seen me (since I’m the only one who can see in the dark without torches) to the point they just quit, but I’m not a jerk like that.

I’m just asking for a little help in finding a solution to this problem that actually fixes the issue and not just changes my system settings just to play Exiles and then to change them all again to play the other seven games when all those other games I play are running just fine with perfect light levels at night.

Either Funcom needs to add a setting that will allow players to adjust their nighttime light/shadow levels to custom tailor the night darkness levels without changing the daytime light levels because the daytime lighting is perfect.

Or I need a Modder to make a Mod that darkens the night more.

Except YOU are the only one that think it’s too bright in Conan Exiles, and for the rest of us it’s dark as hell, and we can’t see a hand in front of our faces. I’m usually staggering around blindly in the dark and if it was any darker, my screen would be completely black.

By the same argument, if one person complains a game is too bright, and everyone else it’s dark enough or too dark, something is up with that person’s system.

Of course, another possibly is that it’s the graphics levels. Maybe Ultra has too much ambient light on your graphics card.

I’m not asking for the developers to change the level of dark for everyone im asking for a setting to change it for those who want it.

and it is not that " I think" its too bright the screenshots I provided are proof that it is too bright, and if I darken my settings it will make the day unrealistically dark.

I don’t get why so many are acting so hostile toward this it is not like I’m demanding Funcom change it so the whole game is dark and effect everyone I’m asking for a setting for an admin to be able to change the levels on their own server, what about that don’t ppl get?!? its not going to affect YOU

Most of you probably play on servers that only have 5 minutes of nighttime so I don’t see why you are so hostile to the suggestion of having another option in the settings menu for the day/night cycle settings that make the game darker at night for those Admins who choose to have a more realistic and more immersive game on their own private server.

Unless having a darker night on their own server is going to hurt your gameplay which I highly doubt it would.
I mean really, be honest would it ruin your game if there was an option to darken my night in my game on my server? if my setting my nighttime lighting in options going to change your settings and make it so you cant see?
Do you honestly believe that having an extra setting for darkness settings is really going to hurt your enjoyment of the game?

By that same method of a setting to darken nights (as you mentioned earlier), it would make it easier for griefers if they could just brighten their nights. An official response on the subject would be nice, as I’m sure you’re probably not the only one with this “too bright” problem, but it is an uncommon issue. It would worry me if people started using this problem as a glitch for raids at night.

Have you tried updating your graphics driver? That could affect some games but not others. Just trying to brainstorm what might be the root issue, as you said earlier that your nights used to be darker…