Add Moon Phases

Different phases of the moon would be nice instead of the same full moon all the time


I second that, the moon should have an impact with night visibility, the actual night brightness is reflected by the full moon. Other moon phases would make nights darker, that is vital for players needing torches, I barely remember when I had to use a torch because nights are so bright in the desert at least, and thats fine with full moon.

And with that, visually speaking is an eye candy, I used to love wandering Elders Scrolls games at night just to look at the sky to see where and how those two moons were.

For all the beauty CE has in its landscape, the moon skin looks very outdated.


there are moon phases. I’ve seen Crescent moons I believe there was a night with no moon at all once. (new moon I assume)

There IS moon phases.
Maybe just not on your server.

Not sure on the frequency or how long it takes to cycle, but the game does run through all of the phases of the moon. Carry a torch, it is difficult to travel at night during a New Moon.

I never have to use a torch sadly, my game is never dark enough to need a torch… i can see a wolf on a hill 500 feet or further at night in the north.

ive asked on the forums if anyone new of a mod to darken the nighttime lighting or if funcom would add a setting to darken the night in the server settings.

i was only met with hostility with people saying it was dark enough for them that my settings where wrong and told me to lower the brightness on my monitor…

tried telling them i couldnt mess wuth my monitor settings due to the fact i process digital photos on my computer and it is calibrated for true to life colors and brightness…

also told them that my gamma in game is set to 1.7 and any darker would make the night darker but also would make the daytime dark as well and looks like there is a perpetual eclipse happening in game.

sadly no one can come up with a resonable solytion other than its my settings that are wrong, ignoring the fact that all the other games i play have veey dark nightimes where i cant see without a torch or headlight.

Conan Exiles is the only game that has a bright nighttime that allows me to see when im not supose to.

I am on a calibrated monitor as well. My gamma is set to 2.2 and a new moon it can be fairly dark. I likely could see in a distance but it is dark enough I don’t do a whole lot unless I have to.

I don’t know of any mods yet but there are people out there that do like very dark nights and I’m sure there is a way to do so and if you keep an eye out, if the game is popular enough one will exist.

The other option until then is just change the game to about 1.2 at night. You can’t really leave it all the time as the contrast messes with the day time weather effects. Night was darker early on… I suspect the weather system altered that a little.

My Gamma is set to 1.6 in the game, the following screenshot is taken from up north outside New Asagarth without a moon in the sky at hour 24 “Midnight”

If you look just above the white dot cursor you will see a Wolf about 70 yards away.
If I set my Gama any lower it makes the daytime look too dark and unrealistic.

ok on my monitor I just did a test at 1.6. And it is about the same darkness as that. Different area but same basic darkness. I have to tell you though I can’t see a wolf. That could be a rock. If it were moving sure.

I keep it over 2 in the desert to make it more realistic to me during the day as I have light phobia and it causes a nice haze. At night it would be much brighter than that with a moon out.

I don’t know what to tell you. I personally don’t have any issues with it looking like that. It isn’t far off what I would consider night in most conditions. A dense forest maybe would be much darker of course but night isn’t fully dark.

Like I say many people do like the super dark nights for some reason… I know there are mods for many games that give that effect. At the moment I know of none in Conan (likely because originally Night was much darker (which is likely another reason I’m set at 2.2 as the default as I reinstalled after not playing for several months)

Give it time I’m sure there will be one.

I hope you are right…
you will have to zoom the screenshot in to see the wolf… tgats how far away ut us and can still be seen.

I use to live on 5.6 acres 50 mins outside Tucson Arizona… it got so dark out away from the light polution fron town you couldnt see the first step from tge door on the steps.

with a full moon out you could see pretty well but it was still much darker then it is in conan exiles.

That is so odd I used to live in Northern Ontario. We’d go camping well outside of town which itself had so little light that you could see the milky way. I remember it being dark but never that dark. Then again I have abnormal night vision so I’m not the best judge.

Here you go…

Magnified the wolf for you…
Its hard to see it in a small low-resolution screenshot but on my 34" monitor at 3440 x 1440, it really sticks out.
I should not be seeing anything like this at night time especially with no moon to reflect light onto the area.
Click the picture it will show you a larger view and if you click it a second time its larger still close to the size it would appear on my monitor.

reduce the gamma and make the nights longer for the immersion in coopmode.