Night time has disappeared entirely

So, I’ve noticed the night cycle is completely gone now and it really kills some immersion for me. I really enjoy the ambiance and using torchlight to see. I also enjoy the night music. I’m assuming this is due to the rollout of chapter 3. There doesn’t seem to be any information on if the removal of night is permanent or not, but I really hope this isn’t how the game is going to be now. Please at least bring back the option to have night in a setting or something. I’m fairly new to Conan Exiles and I was really getting into it and the lack of night just kind of killed it for me. If anyone knows more please help me out.

Last I heard, it’s only temporary. The nighttime has been replace with a solar eclipse for the duration of Chapter 3.

It’s a cool effect though. I hope it stays as an occasional thing, though it would be good to get the night back.

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It’s a new feature of 3.0. You can still get night time though if you build up north in Exlied Lands. It rains constantly and when there is a storm with the eclipse is as dark as alll get out, basically night time.

It’s been replaced with an eclipse just for Chapter 3. It would probably come back after the end of Ch.3

I’m in the North on Exiled Lands, maybe I’m missing something, but when the Eclipse is present, it seems just as dark as when the moon was fully out. When the clouds cover the eclipse, it seems exactly how dark it was before there was ever an eclipse. From my perspective, I can’t actually notice any difference unless I look up at the Moon itself to see it.

EDIT: I guess in other parts of the map or on Siptah this eclipse is much much brighter?

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I don’t even know what’s going on with these chapters, haven’t even tried sorcery yet lol

I’m currently by what the community refers to as Noob river. Still have mid level armor and what not. Trying to walk before I run with this game.

Im currently still in the desert by “noob” river. And I swear I remember it being darker than it is. It seems like the ambiance and music dont change either during the eclipse.

I cant seem to find a concensus on when chapter 3 will be over, honestly I dont even know what all this chapter stuff is I’m still getting the ropes of the game.

Me neither honestly. Im more of a hack and slash type

Temporary is fine
Nights should be dark again after that, its a survival game, nights is what makes survival different and exciting.

Each chapter runs about 90 days (3 months).

It’s lighter out in the southern parts of the map, while still fairly dark in the north. I’ve noticed the north doesn’t get as pitch black as it use to, so it’s still brighter, just not by much.

I kind of wish they had the eclipse happen periodically during the daytime (maybe once per game week, so you’d see it every ~3-4 hours real time) and left night alone. I imagine it was just easier to change the skybox for night and call it done.

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One problem with that is you likely wouldn’t get an eclipse at all in single player unless you play a 3-4 hour session. Similar to how there’s a good chance you won’t get a meteor shower because the timer resets every time you start the game.

That’s a good point, but it seems like both of those issues could be fixed by checking if you’re in single player/co-op and then force starting the eclipse if one hasn’t already shown in the first 30 minutes. The same should be done with meteor showers, frankly.

Heck, they should just take the idea behind the “Reliable Meteor Showers” mod and make it a base option in the game, but I digress.

Once the day-night cycle returns, it should also be revamped to match a real pattern, because the patterns originally used were highly illogical (the moon traveling perpendicular to the sun would be highly unstable).

Cf. the entry on for the ramifications. The gist of it: A work doesn’t have to be realistic as long as it is plausible and consistent. Anything else, and any kind of immersion gets busted all too easily.

If you’re looking for any kind of realism, I’d suggest first they should have the sun actually rise in the east and set in the west. Right now, it’s just … weird.

Weird, but not unprecedented or unrealistic. Some ancient maps and probably even some modern ones are meant to be oriented with something other than North at the top, for example.

Plus, you know, this is a universe full of dark, cosmic level magic. So if you want to know why the sun does not rise in the east an set in the west, a wizard did it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Doesn’t necessarily have to move from the East to the West as long as the pattern is consistent. Before we had eclipses, the motions had been completely illogical (as it is with the eclipses: Making the sun circumpolar at such a height above the horizon would indicate both quite a shift in the rotational axis and a very rapid precession thereof so that it can retain its height, not to mention the moon’s movement.