Night time improvements

I think Funcom should consider making some adjustments when it is night in the game. Currently people can barely notice it, it passes so fast its hard even set up base illumination properly… by the time you start placing braziers its day again…

Night time should pass slower than its set on official servers (much slower). Its the one time the game gets slightly harder… lets face it, the game is really easy because it lacks challenging details like this.

Creatures like felines should get more aggressive at night, humanoids could use torches to add up to the immersion… that would even add more utility to Light Arrow for example, the night cycle passes by so fats its nearly pointless carry those arrows…

I think there are many opportunities and interesting things to implement durring night time, these are just a few ideas, there is just so much potential but its just feels like a under used feature as it is.


its interesting… for me on “solo”, i often think about, or do the following:

  • its cool when its night time, as you can locate other npc campfires more easily.
  • its cool to see lighting when its dark, and very immersive,
  • its very cool that you can shorten night time (especially when you just want to finish building something) :slight_smile:
  • and i love the fact that gamma / brightness controls are available in the game (especially since some screens lose brightness over time and my screen is like 10 years old lol) :slight_smile:

havent tried online yet but will do

i have changed my singleplayer settings so my nighttime is 3/4 of daytime. Pointless with bonfires, braziers and torches otherwise. also made the dawn dusk period longer so i have a little time to get home.
You blink and nighttime is over on normal settings.
having longer nights will add alot: you go out hunting ressources in daytime, come home at night and do your inventory sorting, building etc. And the mood from lighting really gives it a epic feeling.

i think the night time duration is fine the way it is currently. And i Don’t agree when you say “we barely notice the night time”,

Sure, having all your light sources beautify your buildings at night is nice but when you’re Killing a lot of stuff on the map you wished the night time was a bit shorter, or at least i wished.
Just my opinion though.


I would recommend 3 to 5 times the current length. However, for all of them.

Other than that, I like the night in Conan Exiles. In a lot areas it’s not really dark at night while other areas simply leave the player with a pitch black screen.
I love traveling at night on pvp due to less danger when transporting goods from farmbase to mainbase.

Then again some wearable lightsource (aside of the torches and similar) would be a must have. Though players have to keep in mind that this would probably be worn on the head. At least I would think so.
Then going out at night will be okay.

I went through the trouble of timing the day cycle on officials and here is what I found

25 minutes of full bright lights on daytime
Dawn and dusk last for about 5 minutes together
Real night time only lasts 3 minutes…

This is not cool, the day cycle is almost 10 times longer than night. Its quite extreme imo. Even to set up lights properly, we only has 6 minutes every full hour played, its frustrating.

And as some others have mentioned, the game becomes a lot more immersive at night and it passes in a eye blink. Something that was meant to add difficult is just greatly reduced so people can have an easy time for the maximum possible length of time.

Funcom doesn’t need to address this…because they already have. You can adjust it yourself manually in single-player, or in the server settings if online (and you’re the admin). I think it’s even the same window in both cases.

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Yes, sorry but this is about official servers where players cant change settings. I cant see how Funcom thinks this is the ideal setting for gaming.

The game has about 15 braziers with different sizes and intensity, around 5 different wall torches and a couple ground mounted torches… Why bother so much with so many different placeables when players dont even have enough time to set them properly? We are talking about 3 minutes in dark environment every half hour played… thats extreme! 6 minutes per hour.

By the time we start placing braziers and torches, and checking how it looks from distance (and inside) its already day again. No wonder why many players simply place giant braziers and are done with it. Nuclear Power Plant houses everywhere.

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You can, if you dont mind your house being too bright or too dark. Its ideal place them when its night time, many people dont want light bleeding through walls and prefer a more realistic light setup, it takes a lot of testing and repositioning to achive that, and having such short night makes it a extremely long and frustrating process.

Game is supposed to be survival, which means there should have more challenge than simply hack and slash then loot… Falling off a cliff because you didnt equip a torch, to survive at night, is the perfect reason why night time should be important. Night time should be difficult and dangerous.

You need a lantern, which means you have to sacrifice one of your hands to hold a torch, you have to adapt, this could expose you more but would prevent falling into a hole or cliff.

Your vision is limited so you could be surrounded by hostile animals or fall into a player trap, adding something this game lacks completely, a sense of danger.

PvP sieges could be set at night time. I can only imagine how amazing it would be if even thralls couldnt see properly at night (without proper light), and attackers could use night vision potions to avoid archers, or set explosives, catapults or attacking thralls with enough time without being noticed.

In short, this could open room for many amazing, but dangerous and challenging, implementations! But right now CE feels too easy and boring, there is no difficulty, everything that has potential to challenge players is constantly made easier and easier… fail to see how it falls into the “survival” style. I dont even remember when was the last time my character died and I dont think I ever lost my gear since launch…

I like night time because I use it to sneak around no light needed please. Night time isn’t difficult but it isn’t easy. Once you learn the map it is easy to move around in the dark but difficult to react to things around you like players and thralls that have night vision I guess.

Really… It takes fiber to repair the low level torch… you dont carry some fiber that weights virtually nothing to repair damaged torches? Or didnt stop for 10 seconds to gather some when you noticed it was getting darker? There is fiber plants pretty much everywhere in the map, it doesnt get dark in a eye blink. If you you didnt prevent this situation you only have yourself to blame for the death.

These challenges, not trials, are what makes survival games “survival”.

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I just feel like night should be just as long as the day. Funcom may shorten daytime as well.
However, the most interesting part about the night is the thrill of running into some creature you didnt see in the dark.

Or in PvP, traviling in darkness because it’s the safest time of the day if one isnt dependant on torches.
Further in PvP, people who go out farming in the night will carry a torch unless they life in snowy area or in the desert. They are basically shouting out “Here I am! Kill me if you dare to!”. But most people dont even think about that… heck, most people dont even see people tailing them. (Might apply to myself as well. Has been a long time since I last have been solo.)

As it has been mentioned, lightning is a good reason why there is need for proper nighttime even on PvE.
And PvP should be obvious enough.

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If you want more “night” mode, play solo or on a private server and adjust the settings.

Most players want less night mode in games, because it’s harder to do things that matter, like gather resources or build.

I don’t like night because I’m blind while every kind of NPC seems to see just fine in the dark.

Aside from the occasional big cat or undead, night should be the perfect time for traveling or skulking about looking for my next thrall.

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having read some more posts, i can see more of the points youre typing, asteria, such as the fact that with so much (cool) variety of placeable buildings and objects to do with lighting, this could be experienced less, due to not having a lengthy time to appreciate the environment in all its beauty,

i even mentioned on one of the other threads about thralls and food, that it is so much fun, to be able to cook all these tasty dishes in the game, that it made sense to be able to feed any thrall these items, otherwise they would just spoil and go to waste (and im not just saying that because of my name…) :smiley:

i do think though, that the majority of players, do tend to prefer being able to see what they are doing (at least for most of the time), and it is probably this factor, that was initially taken into consideration by the devs… and for those players, (myself included for sure as a newbie learning the game), it makes it more fun to play, but, maybe there will be some more options in future for you too, aside from unofficial servers, which can not only help to satisfy more players, but to also introduce more tactics and playing styles for others.

actually theres a feature in the game for catchup time, maybe tweaking some settings for that could help you a bit, at least for placing things down

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