Night time is too long!

PLEASE make night time shorter and less frequent on the officail servers!!!

It feels like half of the time you’re logged in the screen is pure black. It adds nothing to the game play. What’s the fun in not seeing where you go? It’s fun to fall off cliffs and die?

Nights should be less dark, shorter and further in between. Then players can sit back and enjoy the game instead of chilling out 5 min waiting for morning.

really ? I think night time is awesome and couldn’t disagree more . I think there are lots of games that don’t have day and night cycles ect . What’s next ban foliage ?


Adjust your gamma.

Disagree. I would even prefer if it was longer. It’s a survival game - things are supposed to be inconvenient. This is one of the first games i’ve played where nighttime actually means something.

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i personaly feel like the day/night cycle should be the real life one, to add more in depth gameplay depending on when you connect

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I disagree as well … night adds an element of the game that feels creepy. You don’t know what your going to run into. I personally think it’s a little too short. Take a torch! I do like the idea of certain things spawning at night… good idea.

I hate this solution: it ruins the look of the game and it gives unfair advantage to player who like there games looking realistic. I know this is a stupid reply and any player can play the way they want, but… But nothing. I just hate altering a game mechanic as great as day/night cycle because someone doesn’t like it…

In official server night only last about 3 minutes, basing this off the fact that I can craft a improvised torch and be good till dawn. Even when I know where most things spawn I still sometimes get scared when I suddenly spot a boss creature at the edge of the torch light because someone baited it out of its spawn, btw whoever does these things F*** YOU and thank you for keeping me on my toes.

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Go get yourself a glowstick bro…best torch in the game lol

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Prefer torchlight. Don’t like the blue/white glow from the glowing torch thingy :wink:

Nights are too long?! you say 5 min night is too long!? LOL! The nights on this game are very short, I played other games that had nights that lasted 10 to 12 mins lol! If nights got shorter; we’d have nights that last 1 min, no thanks. LOL!

This would actually be very interesting… Admittedly, i feel it should be a little lighter then, for the people only being able to play during night time, but overall it would be very cool :slight_smile: would probably feel incredibly immersive too

even with a glow stick you can only see a few meters, which makes it annoyingly hard to navigate.
the nights should at least be brigther, i don’t want to burn my eyes out with screen adjustment.

I thought nights were cool at the start, but after a while it’s just too annyoing.

I don’t personally mind the night time, I’m usually around or inside my base doing something, but for those who don’t like the night time, they can just adjust their gamma so it’s still basically daylight.

RIP eyes of every person who adjusts their gamma so night looks like it has daylight…

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