Night no longer dark like it once was

Can someone from Funcom please tell me how I can make my night time darker like it use to be before you guys lightened up the lighting cause players want it easy and don’t want to experience dark in their game and just want an easy time in the game?

My Game setting is currently at 1.6, If I lower my Gamma any more it makes my nighttime dark how I want it but at the same time it makes my daytime too dark and does not look right and is harming my immersion and enjoyment of the game.

I cannot lower my brightness on my monitor because I am a Photographer and my settings are set to natural brightness and colors and if I mess with the settings on my monitor it will affect photos during processing.

plus my monitor settings are not the problem, other games I play have perfectly set darkness where you cant see anything in the dark without a torch or a headlight.

Conan Exiles was perfect when the game was darker at night, I don’t understand why you chose to make the nights brighter just because players don’t want to play at night and can’t be bothered to turn up their gamma. believe it or not, there are players that like to have a realistic night and like having it so dark that it forces you to use a torch or to stick close to campfires to be able to see.

Please tell me how I can turn the darkness levels back to where I cant see everything around me when its supposed to be pitch black. I’m not supposed to be able to see wolves 210 feet away in the night especially without a torch (which I never have to use cause every time its supposed to be night and dark I can still see everything.

Below are Four screenshots, the first Two are from Conan Exiles with its laughable poor excuse nighttime light levels and the second Two are from Star Citizen with its natural very realistic nighttime light levels…

This lighting is a joke! this is 12:00 midnight in the game with no moon in the sky:

Same time a different location up north near New Asagarth with no moon in the sky:

The following is from Star Citizen standing near my ship in the dark, notice how dark it is?

Here is another Star Citizen screenshot with me needing my headlight on to see anything around me, do you see the difference?

As you can see this has nothing to do with my settings on my system nor does it have anything to do with the settings on my monitor, it does, however, have everything to do with the fact you guys made the nighttime brighter for those players who want an easy game.

Conan Exiles use to be as dark at night as Star Citizen is…
I would like you guys at Funcom to tell me how I can have the dark nights that use to be in Conan Exiles back in the game so I can enjoy playing on my server without feeling like a Dark Elf with night vision.

You should also put a Nighttime lighting level option in the Server settings so that Admins running their own server can set their games nights to be darker without affecting the daytime lighting so they can have darker nights as they once where if they want to.

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