Return of Halloween Event?

I loved the Halloween event but I understand why it got so much hate. It was just realllly dark too long. But if it could come back as a 3 day event rather than a week long event I think that would be awesome. And MAYBE lighten up the sky just a little.

The other thing I’d really like to see is the option to turn it on at will on private servers. Pretty please??? It would be wonderful for special events!


And if not Halloween, maybe some other event? It could even be completely fictional and inspired by the Conan source material.

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Now that’s just crazy talk. LOL

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If running a private server, that would be awesome if there was a way to enable events.

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Imagine this

Every 3 months so 4x a year we can have 1 day 24hrs of eclipse. darker nights stronger enemies and a chance to capture rare creatures and thralls like a werwolf thralls or baby demon spiders or snakes for set worshipers maybe.

Maybe rare ingredients that grows only on eclipsed nights that let us make stronger potions for better buffs.

Or new outfits like the watcher outfit that can drop only on those eclipsed nights.



The haters gonna hate either way, so lets have some nostalgia.


That would be amazing!


I LOVE this event and look back fondly on the footage of me collecting 100s of rocknose eggs from meteors. Sometimes, specials like this can make you stop and enjoy the game. I doubt I’d have built so readily in the noob oasis at that point, and those off-colored days are some of the finest in memory.

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hmm, I pretty sure it was cause it was broken on consoles… from infinite meteors, to the below 1fps over ruled ay thoughts of it being dark.

The Darkness was best part!

The unable to play game cause most of event was broken is what alot of people were mad it.

If they get it fixed… and console user get full event, and not handful of days were it sorta worked, and well after good drops got removed. XD Maybe?


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