Bring back halloween event please!

I miss this event so much! Miss the moonlight <3

Hey there,

For explanation on the current state of events, please see this section (“Events”)

It’d be helpful if you could provide suggestions on how to improve the event in the future.

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I enjoyed the event before it got super-nerffed. I would like to see it again as well but only in its original state.


I did enjoy the ability to get white and black dye, seeing back then you had to hope for a purge or someone on the server willing to trade it. Now you just get a witch doctor.

The rest of it was pretty meh imo. The coloring was difficult on the eyes of some people. And the fact it dropped late game materials like candy to everyone was ridiculous. Not to mention the the meteors that would just disappear.

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Mixed feelings since first 6days? I forget… all but last day of it, was playable on ps4. My 1st few runs, ya pre-nerf yeilded some good goodies.

After… only so many dragons heads i wanted to store till I could press them. Now demon blood drops like wood… not a issue.

I’d be happy for something new, But alone same lines. Metor drops, out comes “elite” mob picked form list. Give player reason roam map looking for drop sites and kill them.

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I wouldnt mind a (temporary of course) Monty Python themed event. Ni!!


-Gets off my skull throne. Points my boney hand at you-

How about sorcery and Lichdom first.

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i liked it too very much, even if all rp players were mad about it and complained here. so i would be very happy to see it coming back for a 7 to 10 days duration.

the light effects were so cool, and the meteore falling :slight_smile:

Just make the event for offi server, and let private server to have the choice or not to activate the special event. add special monster hunting you in this gloomy darkness .


this was the main point of the event : loot

if you remove it… no point

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While loot might work as a nice reward to some, it hardly is the sole reason to make anything a reality. To me it’s the quality of the whole package, not just itemisation.

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IT wasn’t the demon blood, but actual dragon powder and the legendary keys that thru balance off, especially if some people on servers had to work during the first 2 days, and other played 8+ hours. Undid every aspect of the warfare that took place on a lot of servers.

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