Possible Halloween event?

I was just wanting to ask funcom if they will give us that Halloween event this year? They didnt give it us last year but did the year before that? I was told about it and was eager to experience it last year but it didnt happen. Please funcom, will you run the event this year?

I hope not. It was a buggy mess previously and have no desire to revisit the experience again.

Last they said was that there are currently more issues and problems to work on last year and until further notice would not do anymore until game is in a good state

It wasn’t a buggy mess I enjoyed it just the gloomy look just lasted to long that’s all


Probably not since the last Halloween event got so much hate.

I liked it, but the majority probably didn’t.

Too dark bla bla bla (we now got a Isle which is too bright during nights, yes I say it again xD)

They need to focus on the rampant issues that destroyed the game. Not halloween event come on

What exactly was that Halloween event? I have not played CE at that point.

It was n’t very special but it was fun to see some differences during the event. Like in a MMO.
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Getting your base destroyed by a meteroid aint a bug? :smiley:

Unfortunately as others have said it caused quite a few issues, the rate in which the meteors dropped and how much high end loot they had broke economies.

The biggest thing I recall being an issues was the lighting and sudden addition of bloom, the blue color is very hard on the eyes for most people, you throw in bloom/blur when it wasn’t around much before that and it’s just a giant literal headache for a lot of players.

Just adding a bit more info, since I was there for it. It was a cool idea, but very poorly executed sadly.

We loved the only halloween event that will ever happen, still have stuff from it.
If you go back far enough in the forums, you will find they said years ago, that was it. No more.

Hey there,

It is unlikely there will be an Halloween event. The initial implementation had several issues and the developers have been busy working on Update 2.1 and console hotfixes.

See also: Upcoming features on the wiki for some notes. You can find them in the “Events” tab.

I loved it also, was a nice change of pace. Amusing how people say it ruined economies, lol.

Still the most fun thing we have done in exiles

No meteor showers with free dragonpowder please… Still miss that base. Rest was fine bout the event though, free dragonpowder just screwed me over so bad

This is for PC rather than consoles, so apologies for being slightly off-topic, but:

I see in Pippi that there’s a checkbox for enabling Halloween effects. Has anyone played with that? What happens? And what might happen (other than a spectacular crash) if I enabled it on my private Siptah server?

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