Will Conan Exiles have a Halloween event for 20 19 similar to last year?

My clan enjoyed the meteor showers from last Halloween. I was hoping they would happen again this year. One of our clan members is coming to visit us and is planning on the last week of Oct in hopes of us all chasing the meteor showers again this year. Does anyone know if that or some other event is planned?

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The Dev Team might not want to focus on this for 2019, but if we had two weeks of what Lost Souls was at the end of the last event, I believe it would be a boon to official servers.

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Thanks for the info. A little disappointed but we will probably play board games since we will all be physically in the same place and probably some Conan Exiles too :).

I think its wise of them to focus on giving us more content/bug fixing updates than the event, maybe next year when the game is hopefully in its prime :blush:

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Folks tried to get more for the first year anniversary, no luck.
We still have piles of stuff from the last one.
BTW what does one do with 60 red dragon heads…

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I hope not or if they will be implemented i hope it will be enterely optional. I play in pvp roleplay server and see the lore contaminated with real world events is enough immersion breaking for me. However if that could be done in manner one could disable this events for the private server i would not have issues with it.

The past halloween event was just awful.

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