Halloween Event?

Will Funcom be doing the Halloween event this year?

Will they update the patcher and remove the error?

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How about adding a 1 hour conquers gift buff for each toon?

Any news on the halloween event? @AndyB ?

pls @AndyB , you’re the hero Hyboria doesn’t deserve but we NEED!


Maybe they broke that too !!!

Still not activated. What’s wrong with u guys @AndyB ?

14.10.2021 started last year


Oct '21

Spooky season’s greetings, heroes! The following Halloween seasonal quests are available until November 11:

  • By the Light of the Moon :crescent_moon:
  • Thirst of the Serpent God :snake:
  • The Shambling Plague

Halloween events are non-functional in 2022.

Activate it or just don’t…

But this kind of communication is really a shame for such a big company like Funcom / Tencent!

It’s been determined that werewolves find funcoms Halloween event to be offensive, therefore it’s been canceled indefinitely.

I mean it’s always the same boring event anyway so you’re not missing much.:poop:

Not working yet…

Maybe by Christmas …

if you never noticed yet, the server usually needs to be restarted for the events to start. maybe this thursday we’ll get one ?

Rumor has it Stephen King was seen at FunCom’s Age of Conan server room, taking notes on how to do the scariest filled with anxiety, horror, shock and disbelief Halloween story. @AndyB


The servers will come down for a restart 2022-10-27T13:00:00Z. The downtime is estimated to take 1 hour.

We’ll also turn on the Halloween quests during this time.


Servers are online, but it looks like they failed to add the npc (again).


@AndyB ? Are you in Funcom going to fix this?

So they broke that :sob:

It happened on the last event too: they announced it, but they forgot to spawn the NPC. They did it a few days later, so I’m pretty confident they’ll do the same… :sweat_smile:

I got quest conarch village but Fotd no quest npc :rofl:

Can you fix this FUNCOM?