October 2021- Halloween etc

Haven’t kept up with forums for awhile- and I have a few questions if anyone can help.

  1. Any hope of an October Sale in the Item Shop? Discounts on slots, etc.
  2. I have noticed the Funcom account site seems to have been consolidated into the “new” one- where you can buy Funcom points, etc.


I have previously used the old one, because the new did not work with steam. But now I notice that not only does it look updated, I can sub using a Visa Card now, before was it only paypal? The question, does the “new” site work now, for Steam linked accounts and can in fact, I sub with a visa credit card?

  1. Too much to ask, I know- but will we have the same old Halloween quests this year, or hope against hope, something different, like turn on a Saga server? Yes, I know this won’t happen, but throwing it out there anyway.

Thanks to any replies-

Could be tomorrow. I remember the Halloween Events happening October 11th and lasting up to 12th November. I would love a Saga Server too and a bit more motivation for people to form New Guilds New dedicated Raiding forces. A Saga Server would help all those who are not in Big Guilds to create the Path for Endgame. We are too split at the moment and too few.


I still hope for some action, a discount, etc. No one from Funcom is reacting, they’re probably coughing up the game, right @AndyB ?

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Would be nice to have one more big patch to fix the outstanding issues reported early this year lol and fix shard boxes. Big dreams though

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I uninstalled. Checked some MMOs that do have Events and Updates Weekly like BDO Monthly Patches the playerbase everything. Came back here and it felt very sad. I just can’t get anywhere at the moment. We used to log in and there you go we all signed up no matter the timezone. And what happened with the resources and latency. I play BDO Remastered Visuals on 4K with 55+ FPS and AoC lags on me lol
This Game was a Gold Mine. Best Combat System and it got scrapped just like that.

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I was actually quite literally coughing pretty badly the past couple weeks, so sorry I’ve been absent. I’m finally recovered now (wasn’t covid, but some other nasty lung infection). We’re not planning on a Halloween sale this year but some of the Halloween quests should be active as of today. If you find any issues please let me know. Thanks!


Always knew craft beer was an effective covid treatment.

Ivermectin IPA

So the Seasonal Events are kinda ‘‘Automated’’ from what i understand both in AoC and SWL from what i checked. Saw the Login Rewards didn’t trigger over there but will trigger 15th October.
In short its Automated but weird things out of Manual control may happen and that requires some Dev time tinkering with the code. Oh well. So the Events could end up like lost RF instances. Marvelous. I suppose without a Development team assigned into Maintenance all things can happen and wether they can be fixed or not is as Mysterious as Character Transfers.
Well. Enjoy the Game for what it is still…
It appears i was right but with alot of people still Premium i don’t see why active Maintenance should be a problem. I guess its not part of the plan to pull a single resource/ asset for AoC other than Server Restarts but there are still Supporters (Yearly Subscribers) I dont think they get treated fairly.
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Hope you do feel better AndyB. Too bad about no sale, I am disappointed but such is life. Maybe a Christmas sale, I am patient. :laughing:

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Game dev is a mysterious and complicated process even to the actual developers at times and weird things happen all the time, unfortunately. I do apologize for the confusion this year, between getting sick and a couple things changing around here internally as well as my own form of organization in a bit of disarray recently.

It’s not much of an excuse I figure, but might as well mention it. In any case, the seasonal missions By the Light of the Moon, Thirst of the Serpent God, and The Shambling Plague should now be available again as of yesterday and will be available until November 11.

Thanks! Apart from a residual cough I’m all better now, but it was quite a harrowing experience when I was sick. I’m unfortunately prone to respiratory infections which often progress to pneumonia and such every few years, so I guess this year was the time.

Underrated posts, lol.

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I think we’re all in agreement there will not be any further content added. However, I don’t think it is asking much for one patch to fix the outstanding or game breaking issues that have been reported early this year.

Particularly server transfer