Why are nights shorter and lighter

its not as dangerous being able to see everywhere even at night


:sob: because new players are scared of the dark


Some of us don’t have the new night light feature they added with age of war so it’s still dark for us.
They also killed night vision so it doesn’t work anymore so rip night stalker mask.

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Sounds like it’s quicker to name things they have not killed in the last 3 years :smiling_face_with_tear:

Why don’t they just make “creator mode” next to solo play and multiplayer?
In the creator mode builders could enjoy nerfed to death PvE, drops x100, xp x100 and other long awaited and welcomed features.

Why kill the survival aspect of the game when there are difficulty settings for something, or they could even make a separate game mode for builders.

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The rumor I heard is that some of the Development Team sat down to play the game, and decided that they didn’t like how dark things were, so the Player Character glow was added.

As for the Nights being shorter, this could be a change related to the character glow, or it could be the result of changes in the Day/Night cycle after the Eclipse cycle was changed at the end of the Age of Sorcery.


We want Conan to become a hardcore and realistic survival game, we want the AI become smart and vicious, we want the animals run fast and hunt player down. We want more dungeons, clothes and general content.

Sith Emperor - reads forum, tells A and B to stop playing Sims 4 and go and see what’s up with Conan.

After 5 minutes - gosh, I wish this game was more like Sims - PvE nerf, short aggro, short leash - 2 minutes tweak in devkit.
After 10 minutes - no, no the stamina system sucks, I just want to spam attacks like in Mario - stamina changed - 1 minute tweak in devkit.
Ouch thralls from noob river suck… Let’s buff them, moves some sliders to max…
15 minutes later - the nights are too dark, I want them to be the same as in Sims.
Ok let’s make the night brighter, I’ll move that slider in the devkit, should take 15 seconds.
Nope - let’s make the character glow in the dark :joy:
Ok, now let’s add that treasure room.

TA-DA! Age of War chapter 1 :joy:

By the way I’d like to have a sunlight/night darkness slider on my server, would work nicely with other settings.

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