Halloween Status Update


Hey all, just giving you a quick update.

We’re working on rolling out the patch to remove the Halloween content on consoles, but unfortunately it’s taken longer than we would have liked. We understand your frustrations and we apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this taken care of as soon as possible.
Thank you so much for your patience!



Thank you for the update =)


Appreciate the info. Thank you.


Yeah no crud the update is on its way. How about you guys release it already or just have a timer. Why do you have to manually patch it/ stop it?
Got the game for 15 dollars at gamestop by buying it off a guy standing outside the store trying to get rid of it b/c gamestop would only give him 5 bucks for it. Not getting any of your shi77y dlc till you offer a COMPLETE game.


It’s after the 6th now in the US I’m not one to complain about anything but the dark is kinda of annoying. But it’s ok just don’t say it’s going to be patched one day, give us a date, and it’s not. It’s Thursday November 8th, and I expected this to be gone at least by yesterday. It’s ok guys next time maybe don’t do an event that’s gonna last so long it wasn’t bad ,it’s just gone on a bit too long. I do still like Conan I just find it hard to build
and adventure in the dark. I’ll just have to wait a few more days I guess. Have a good day.


Does this ASAP have an ETA? I an am disabled & on a modest fixed income. I am only able to purchase 2 to 3 games a year and I purchased your game online at full price because it promised a complete singleplayer campaign. The moment this event started, the Fun stopped! It’s no Fun trying to build in the dark & ther’s no point using dyes you cant see, etc. Many of the Emotes & journals needed to enhance the experience are found on the ground and are almost impossible to find in the dark! I just want to be able to enjoy the game I paid for in good faith. I loved the game so much I purchased all the DLCs. Since this debacle, I deleted the game from my library, & i’m starting to feel like I got ripped off & there’s nothing I can do about it! I cant even by another Game! Please fix the game, & give me a Date wen I can re-load and enjoy it. You created some of the most spectacular visuals I’ve ever seen in a game and it’s a sin to hide them in perpetual darkness.


I’m not certain how such a patch could be released before being tested and a quality check done on it. In any part of the business realm this would be a big deal. “Quality is not what you put into a product, but what the customers get out of it.” After three day past the supposed end date, and reading through the many unhappy posts, I’d say the customers are not getting any quality out of the game.


I’ve had this game since release and every update/patch has had some sort of issue(s) (IsTestlive worthless?). I’m hoping that the extra time spent on this next patch/hotfix/whatever means a thoughtful and thorough fix to end the Halloween event and add much needed stability (crash/lag/freeze). But I guess,…(sigh)… we shall see.




The Light shines once again on the Exiled Lands. PS4 has been patched and the Night of the Lost Souls has ended.