PS4 Halloween Hotfix (02.11.2018)

Hey everyone,

We’re rolling out a hotfix to take care of the most reported issues with the Halloween update released yesterday. We want to thank our community for reporting these issues to us and for staying patient and positive as we fixed them.

In this hotfix we’re tweaking the game so it will be easier for players to see in the eternal twilight, while also balancing the loot drops from the Halloween meteors. The T2 doors are also getting fixed.

If it’s still too dark for you you can also tweak the following server settings to the following values. This should make it less dark:

  • DayCycleSpeedScale=9.000000
  • DayTimeSpeedScale=0.10000
  • NightTimeSpeedScale=10.000000
  • DawnDuskSpeedScale=5.000000


  • Fixed T2 doors so you cannot walk through them
  • Removed Star Metal Picks, Dragonpowder and Skeleton Keys from meteors for balancing purposes
  • Meteor fragments that have been harvested or disappeared won’t leave a particle trail behind
  • Changed speed of day on official servers so it will not get as dark during the Halloween event
  • Added auto exposure to compensate for the darkness and make things a bit brighter
  • Made the minimum spawn and decay time for meteors be 60 seconds.
  • Made it so meteor spawning could not be triggered if it is already spawning meteors.

Xbox next?

Aww man… Haha. Thanks anyway funcom. Great job with Conan. I love it. My opinion, shoulda left the items the same. We were all getting rich! Hehe thanks again and keep up the good work.


Thanks folks! Its amazing that you guys are so responsive!

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i’ve been crittacizing you guys alot and wanted to say good and fast work, i wanted to point out the reason ive been so critical is because i do love the game and conan has been one of my favorite characters for nearly 40 years a love of which was passed down from my father who was reading howard’s books and marvels ssoc in foxholes in vietnam, for me john buscema’s art is the bar for comics and graphic novels to this day. i do have to say theres 2 things truly missing from this game a codex which would give it more substance and frankly more substance! it gets to be a 9 to 5 job playing this game, let there be caravans of players thralls on trade routes from one players base to his (her) other base to place more focus on raiding those over base wiping base’s and allowing players to focus on crafting and gathering rather than running for 45 minute with a load of steal ingots why just the 1 thrall why not make a war horn a real war horn set up outside of an opponents base to get your thralls to come to your location for attack or defense, as it is all this game is is a bunch of crazy guys in the wild tearing shutters off their neighbors windows every once in a while

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Sorry to say it, but this hotfix has done nothing my end. The game still crashes and freezes as it did before in offline single player.

well, maybe the next event will be left alone

Sadly, Still Infinite Meteors rain down (single player) BUT, the lag has sorta gone away.

My home is in the north, and not many locations near by they fall, so little to no lag.
However, if i govlets say Savanna near Dogs/Blackhand, it drops to 10-15fps, since several in every direction falling every 30seconds, =(

The games playable now itlest compared to 1-2fps, and super chugging till it crashes game… so yays?
I mean that in a non-GFYS way. I’m happy to be playing again itlest!

NPC spawns (multiple on same spot is still going strong) ETA on a fix for this?

Remove the bad event update please none like to play in darkness all the time… your DESTROYING your own game

Can’t still not harvest the meteors.I can not even see them.It is a shame

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Hello Funcom I’m sending this message to inform you that there is a new bag in the game I serious one I humans no longer crop I’d hide this is all humans I’ve been to all areas at the golf a blue mammoth city of the relic hunters get in the holidays very difficult now please fix this a very soon mate me and My 10 man tribe we Play official server 3175 making bombs takes weeks of farming people almost making bases blocking everything they have built a big wall around the outside of the car now and you can’t even gain you can’t blow that you can’t blow the walls down because they just rebuild it every day structure cost is too cheap compare to the cost of bombs please fix this bug so I can get hide affectively again i’m out of a bag if I care and ask off all the ads are visible and they don’t spawning I sit there for 10 minutes I wait players are invisible and I play on PS4 please don’t leave this bug on roll at a patch fast

So abit more play time,

  • still infinite meteor showers (but not lag inducing now of sorts)
  • over course of time thou, 20-30mins in, it starts to chug.

By 40-60+ min mark, I need log out and back in to get normal game-play back.
About 2-3 hours it crashes, or get so bad its pointless trying play, let alone do a purge with 5-10fps going on. =/

Last few things.
-If I restart a character, Everything works as it should, and lag doesn’t build up after time.
Soon as I log out of character and back in, it becomes infinite and fps drop happens.

I mentioned this in another thread and I will mention it here as well.
I had the same exact issue up until I purchased “The Savage Frontier” DLC addon once I purchased and installed the DLC the game stopped crashing in singleplayer offline.
I believe this not having this dlc causes the game to crash. As you may or may not know these assets are already in the game but under a lock to use this must cause the crashing issue otherwise why would it work all of a sudden after I purchased the dlc?

Community Managers Developers whoever does the programming please look into this. I don’t mind supporting you guys I love this game but right now everyone here is probably thinking I gotta purchase dlc to make my game work what is this? I know it’s not your intention bugs and stuff happen but this should have been looked at I mentioned this in a reply to the PS4 Halloween Update thread. This should have been fixed in the hotfix but I guess my post was overlooked and as people still say it don’t work. Good luck with making everything work and on top of that could you do something with the npc’s when they are naked u leave game come back in they spawn in with coarse threads on even though they have nothing equipped.

still see the particle trails in co-op so fix fail.

I have tested again and would like to report since this hotfix dropped on to the PS4 Now my single player crashes every time I try to load single player offline so please fix it.

How is it crashing?
You load in? can move for 20-30seconds and then game crashes?

This usually means the save is corrupted, and crashes game since it can’t save properly on next attempt.
Back up save, or reload a earlier back up. And give new character a try.

Or just crashing as it tries to load it?

Could also be so many things falling form sky do to infinite meteors, might wanna hold out till event is over today.

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