Halloween Patch Status Update

Hey all, just giving you a quick update.

We’re working on rolling out the patch to remove the Halloween content on consoles, but unfortunately it’s taken longer than we would have liked. We understand your frustrations and we apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this taken care of as soon as possible.
Thank you so much for your patience!


Is there a problem with the certification process or the coding? If you don’t mind my asking. Just wondering where were are in the process.

I’ve gotten a lot of great loot and enjoyed the Halloween theme, but want to get back to my normal game. I actual almost came to blows for the first time first another player over a meteor fall last night. That’s neither here nor there.

Thanks in advance for all y’all do.

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Just my opinion, but how are you going to implement an event and now you can’t remove it?

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Perhaps the delay is related to them fixing the bugs they introduced with the post-event update that was pushed out for PC. In that case, they’d likely need to re-submit for certification and that would delay things. Hope springs eternal and whatnot.

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Dude come on and get this garbage outta here. I want the original game back. We’re gonna be playing Halloween Conan during Christmas at this point.

Ainda nao ha previsao para se encerrar o evento do dia das bruxas??

Pois é amigo. Complicado. Disseram que falta certificação. No PC já acabou a tempos.

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Come on really. Just turn it off. Why is it so hard? This should t take so long. Train ur people. Don’t hire people that can’t do their jobs.

Yeah it’s pretty embarrassing. Never seen anything like it. And that’s not a compliment.


From everything I’ve read, there’s no switch they can flip to just turn it off. They way they’ve done this event, it requires client-side patches, and along with that they’ve “bundled” in other updates unrelated to the Halloween event itself.

It was a terrible design decision on their part, but it’s what we’ve got.

Hoping this gets resolved soon. A guy can only go on crafting chests to store booty for so long.

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Is it possible to get a status update or even an ETA on the patch? Are we looking at a second weekend of Halloween town for xbox users?

mos def

Can we get a date or a time when we can expect it to be removed?

Love the game. I’m not super tech savvy though, so question: When you do these events, is it possible to make it a “dlc” or add-on instead? (That way it’s optional)

I gave up on chests and started building VAULTS. LOL

Why does nobody hear our cries and pleas? Or just ignore it? Anyway, please give us a status update. I really said “please”?
On 2nd November I’d buy this game. The first two hours I had a lot of fun. But then i started to wonder. Still night all the time? A few minutes later I heard about your event.
Today, 9th November, Halloween hasn’t removed yet and the night is going on. Now I really need to see the sun in my new game for the first time.
So here is my question: When do you think the patch for xbox one is coming up?

Yeah I just got this game too…can I get a refund from you bums?? I want to get my money back whole you’re still in business because at this rate that probably won’t last long.:rofl: