Halloween end on Xbox one

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: uk

So when is the halloween update being removed on xbox one? I saw it’s been taken down on PC, whilst it was a good idea the lighting problem made the game next to unplayable and gave me huge headaches. I appreciate the attempt but the execution left alot to be desired.


Ive had a dozen players on my server ask me when the permanight was going away as well. It was great for a week, but it’s worned out its welcome.

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Will depend on certification but we’re aiming for tomorrow. :+1: Sorry about that!!


No worrys. Thanks for the reply. Was just looking for any update on it as it’s not been communicated particularly well.

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I’d recommend reading through some of the post-update bug reports for PC, since those are likely coming our way as well. Forewarned is forearmed and all that good stuff.

By the way, the most obnoxious of them (in my opinion) is the bug with T4 thralls. But it looks like a temporary workaround is to remove them from their crafting stations and put them back, then craft the item(s) that you need.

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Every other platform has been fixed besides xbox? How is a catastrophe of this magnitude even possible?? If it was scheduled to end shouldnt it just end??

I liked the event it was great too kill peopels whit my werwolf claws in the perfect ambiente :hugs::smirk::ghost:

Yeah I’ve been keeping an eye on them so I know what’s likely. Read a few reports of people not being able to loot loot bags from decayed structures which I’m not looking forward to as well as a few people are having issues with the decay timers (timing out and not resetting even when then player is in on the item). I’m expecting to get similar issues until another fix gets through cert, seems like people are finding workarounds for most of the issues in the short term anyway so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Xbox Halloween is still active :persevere: makes single player unplayable with lag and is getting old online…

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Do we have any news yet on when the Halloween event will end on Xbox? I commend and appreciate your effort in trying to give us something new and fun but unfortunately it has made game play very difficult as my wife and I have been unable to see well to play. We love this game and enjoy playing together but are ready to get the game back to normal. Hope this will be over very soon. Any idea of time frame would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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It should be today based on when the update was added to pc then added to xbox. The update first went live on the 1st at 1pm, it passed cert on the 2nd at 9pm. We’re literally just waiting on microsoft and sony to vertify the update to remove the event.

Thank you very much for that info.

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To be honest why wasn’t the certification put through earlier and just held the download until the 6th? it should have been ready proactively, not sent to certification when it should have ended.

It’s the first time they’ve tried something like this. It had some good points and it had some flaws. Funcom have already said that if they do any event like this in future they’ll do it very differently. If you want to provide feedback they’ve put out a survey to get everyones opinions. You can find it here : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdJ0hFk2mfoIAY1MxyuvYYDxYR__d2jULpPWXdZ3YyGA44N6g/viewform

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They’re not accepting anymore comments. I tried the link

Closed it for now, but will open it again when the Halloween is patched out for consoles.

Okay. Thanks for letting us know.

I wonder if they think they’re going to get a more positive (or more muted negative) response from console players after it finally ends. I would think not, but hey, whatever works for them I suppose. Personally, I would hope that they’ve already learned the most important lesson from all this: never, ever do something like this again without extensively testing it and getting real feedback beforehand from your players.

I think they rushed into a good idea without thinking it totally thru. And yes, I think they learned that lesson. And to be honest, I’m hoping the delay is in order to address all of the bugs seen in the PC depatch.

Entao esta previsto para hoje o fim do evento de haloween para consoles?? É isso? ?