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But fix the snapping issues already please. This has probably been a problem since the start of the game and I’m sure the beta testers mentioned it…mods don’t always help it from what I’ve seen and as far as I know there are none for xbox.
Instead you’ve created a Halloween event where you can’t tell if it’s day or night and though the purple fire looks great it really doesn’t give off much lighting.

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Hey Atticus!

By “snapping issues” do you mean that building pieces won’t snap to each other when building? Just asking to be 100% sure :slight_smile:

There is a hotfix coming for the Halloween event to make things brighter and easier to see while playing. :slight_smile:

Good 1st Nov. Jens! Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:

You think the light tunning could take place along today, or before the weekend?. Thanks!

We’re working on getting a hotfix out before the weekend :slight_smile:

Nice, just downloading the lastest update, thanks for the quick job considering it’s dayoff in EU!.

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Day off? Not in Norway :smile:

Jens… I think we would all be okay with y’all leaving early once the patches are up and running. I wish I could. I’ve got 2 more hours here in the US.

Thanks for all the work y’all do. And thanks for the themed event. For Christmas could my greater bear pull a sledge?

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We plan to address and look at long lingering issues that have been down prioritised for more critical bugs going forward. No concrete ETA but it’s not forgotten!


yes snapping thats what i mean, I just got an update and now I seem to be having a new problem.
I play on singleplayer/offline mode, civilized (meaning I shouldn’t loose anything on death) I died, lost everything, and I know its a simple matter of going back to my body and recovering my items, but is it supposed to do that now?
also its good to know about the lighting <3 thanks for your time to read my post

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