Halloween end on Xbox one

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This event would have been good for a day or 2. The fact that it went beyond a week is ridiculous. I am paying for a server and have lost 1/2 my players due to this disastrous event. I hope to never see another halloween event in the future ever.

One of the core problems with their implementation was that you could enable and disable events on the PCs easily enough by simply pushing out updates. For consoles, that require going through a certification process, this is not really a viable option as we all see. An event that was supposed to last a day, then became a week, and now two weeks for the Xbox, is the result of this.

They claim that they originally wanted to be able to have server admins dynamically enabled and disable the event, but they weren’t able to do that because of time constraints. In reality, if they didn’t have the time do this correctly, they really shouldn’t have done it at all. I’m at least hopeful that they’ve taken this lesson – and all of the negative feedback from their customers – to heart here and won’t repeat this kind of mess in the future.

But then again … yeah. We’ll see.

I will take exception to this one point, all other issues aside. Funcom is not new at game development, and have collective years of experience developing MMOs. If this was really the result of it being “new” and the “first time” then they have some core, structural problems in their company with regards to institutional knowledge.

And note I’m not talking specific technical details here. I’m talking about things like pushing out incomplete updates, inadequate QA and play-testing, incomplete patch/update notes for their customers (to the point where their own representatives don’t know if something is a bug or an intended change), etc. That kind of basic software development stuff that goes to core competency.

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Amigo sei não. Eles estão apanhando bastante com a certificação da Microsoft. No PC e ps4 já acabou. Xbox one, dúvido que acabe hoje. Fora que o jogo Indo a bem no Single Player, depois, cai as texturas e toda qualidade visual. Sei lá. Nunca vi isso.

Much as I’d like to defend on this, I honestly think that’s more blind loyalty at this point. Truth is you’re right, and I don’t think I considered their history when I made that comment. Officially retracted.

Disapointed about this game .We paid . Don’t care about your problems…conan is end for me .thanks for headache …


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