Still halloween?

It is 7th november now and still this halloween event, I’m sick of hearing this same boring music for several days… when does it end? Is it possible to get an official answer with exact time it ends? I’m dying to explore the world again.

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It’s 1:30 in the morning in Norway as I type this, and it was 12:30 am when you asked. You are going to need to be a tad more patient.

Well it’s now 9am and there is still no change, you would think that it would be automatic or at least instantly ready for the 7th. But no we still have to wait?!

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Let there be Light! Come on Devs (No-More purple haze), it will be Christmas soon! Please don’t cover the whole map in snow for (Christmas event).

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I think after the coffee break, when they can gather the patch team together, they will look into patching back to normal days and nights, possibly they’re testing the revert patch so everything works fine. We’ll see.

arent events supposed to be made to automatically go from this day to that day and begin and end on their own time? it does that in portal knights and terraria, it goes by the calander dates. on Ark, the events are listed to be going from this date to that date on the official servers, but when said date comes, and passes by and another day passes, you wonder if they are not paying attention to the detail they actually wrote, for servers, but again, it should be programmed to be automatic, especially if it is being triggered by the date and the event is functioning in offline mode as well.

Sounds like they had to patch changes, then do it as auto thing. Or I assume they had to patch stuff in, then turn it on.

And just need to wait for Sony/MS and Who ever is in charge on PC server turn it off.
Or they simply extend time to later in day of 7th, So everyone gets a full Nov 6th out of it.

Id have preferred the event to end on the 6th so i could play without the headache


I think they’ve broken the game at this point. Every other game I know of, when it has an event it ends the minute they say it ends. Half the time there really stringent on events in other games, like they won’t last long enough. But Conan, they have actually broken the game to make the event last foever!!

I hope not cuz that would suck i just hope they fix it soon cuz i wanna see tbe sun

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why is it being patched out? why isn’t it setup to automatically start and end on specific dates? Terraria and Portal Knights managed to do that and made it work.

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So this is the new Christmas event?

I’m sick of waiting so many days! Even the day after the event started I was hoping they would reverse it because of all the feedback…

Can’t wait any longer, I’m off to write another book!!

Has it still not changed!!!

Remove Halloween pc first th en Xbox why
ps4 as last…

Ps4 is last cuz its better than xbox and pc XD

Is the Ps4 better than the Xbox One? I don’t know. The only thing I know is that I am still waiting of the upcoming patch for Xbox One.

Stay into the topic please.
And also no console/PC wars please.

09:00 AM Local time here in France, no patch for PS4.
Waiting for the patch so I can play this game again (too dark on my screen).

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I remember we (ps4 players) did wait for a day or more to have the halloween update, therefore we must wait also one day or so for it to be end. I laugh a lot with the comments on this post, it seems that everybody is a caltech prodigy! :open_mouth: autoend events sounds very “plausible”, I understand your cry, Why Funcom does not use their quantum computers to quick re-unpatch the game?

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