When dose the Halloween End? it's so annoying when it's so dark all the time?



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Problem: when the Halloween end!!!

When dose the Halloween End? it’s so annoying when it’s so dark all the time??


I believe it’s the 6th


You’re early, the Grinch isn’t meant to come until Xmas :wink:


does any one know when the Halloween on conan ends?


Today but dont know time


I hope its soon tired of the night and getting a headache after playing for hours


I been trying to play in this dark too. It can be done it gets annoying fast. I guess because I’m use to standing outside waiting for the sun to rise. And I like to build. I starting working on a new base before the Halloween event started and 8 days later and it’s still up.


weve been using the night vision potions all week, at first it kinda make vision in a small circle but after a few minutes the whole world lights up in high def.


Im downloading the patch now 1.547 GB to remove the Halloween patch so no more night potions


It was nice night, at least I didn’t have to climb up the tree and wait till day time.


Only problem i had with it was the blue hue gave me a headache


In case people here don’t know or those looking into this thread, the event has concluded and light is here again. :b


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