Halloween event: my suggestions

Hi! I have 3 suggestions for Halloween event, to make it a bit more livable and less “misrepresenting” (I hope it’s the right word).

  1. Make wall torches actually make light. Dunno if they actually do any purple light, but they seems they don’t. They should do something at least similar to hand torches radious. Instead it’s praticlaly dark into rooms without furnaces, campfires or similar other light sources.

  2. Make day & night circle still work! If I don’t mistake, usually day lasts more than night during normal game (true?), in case, for halloween just make it happen the contrary: more night than day. But at least put some “day time”.
    If you wanna make it even more particular, just make “halloween mode” be active only during night, with lights shading from their usual color to purple while night is coming and vice versa.

  3. Make meteors don’t actually contain full formed artifacts… I know it’s very comfortable to have stellar pickaxes and weapon / armor / tools enanchements… but it’s very much like a cheat. :open_mouth:
    Make them only contains raw materials. Even as special as you want, but raw! Ok stellar methal, maybe some black ice, but still raw materials.

Ok, those are just my 2 cents and obviously my personal opinions. You can agree or not. :slight_smile:
Thank you all for reading!

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