Server Wide Event Idea: freezing time at Night for 2 or 3 Real days

this can not be funny for some players but eventually this is an event for 2-3 days. its acceptable since we have torches, light sources, night vision legendary mask and night vision potions. Perhaps Npc / Monster aggro can be diminished while event on going.

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In this game, night is nothing more than an annoyance, you could risk people just not logging in for it

On that note, I at one point considered suggesting a real-time night/day cycle, with actual 24 hour cycles… It’d be quite annoying at later hours, admittedly but… It’d also outright force a person into accepting that when its night, it’ll stay that way for a good while… Can’t just wait it out, unless you want to stand around for hours on end doing nothing…
With that said, I also think that there ought to be at least a slight increase in visibility at night, but… I guess that could be overcome using the night vision potions, torches etc.

Well there was the Halloween event, which had a sort of endless night going for a good week. Many people had problems with that (not me, but many). A 24-hour “realtime” night/day cycle is best done on a private server for sure - I know I would hate it, I only get to play early morning or (sometimes) late nights, outside of weekends anyway, so I’d be playing in more or less perpetual night. No thanks!

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Exactly why it only ever came to being a considered thing XD
I know people who’d feel the same about it because they’d also be playing in never ending night time, so I get why its not wanted :stuck_out_tongue:

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