This event is so annoying

HI - I have no big problem with special events - but this has its limits…
thanks to the special event there in NO normal gameplay possible till the 6. november? this light is killing my eyes… I cant see properly for anything… I cant build properly… I mean if that is a 24 - 48 hour thing okay fair enough but 6 WHOLE DAYS ??? why did you not make it the nights like that and the days like normal ? this is one of the worse game experiences I had with this game right after the cheating and glitching on public servers… sorry guys this event sucks the way it is… !!!


I have no problem with the light, and actually I enjoy it, but I frequently play with a partner in co-op, and she can’t stand that too, she said she has her eyes with tears after 10 minutes of playing.
So I get your point.
It’s a pity because the event itself is cool, a good idea, and without the completely wrong loot table and the perma-night would have been widely appreciated.
I think they could just have the nights in this modality, with meteors falling only during that time (with loot that doesn’t destroy a server economy and pvp balance) and have the rest of the day a normal cycle, allowing who doesn’t like it to enjoy the game anyway, building etc.


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