Halloween Final Thoughts



As much as I love CE, I’m in a similar situation, login in less than an hour to check the house, stations, do a couple runs around then off again. Lets hope bug fixing goes on, I hop in to check and test if fixes are there.


My thoughts about the Halloween Event:

Damn good Moonface, good for taking lots of screenshots. But still the same moon in the midnight grove.
Nice spooky and little creepy atmosphere, the pinky light reminded me rather to a love parade than halloween.
On a private server with lot of mods it was catastrophical, 2 days our server was down due to some reason.
The meteors where great but to get there was not easy and sometimes only the particel effect remaind.
On the shadow side it was pitch black, no proper building i could make, but thats ok.

Now the event is over, new dev kit and again we can’t play due to the outdated mods, why has to be always a new dev kit - i don’t get it (ok, i am no modder or programmer so pls forgive).

All in all it was the first event ever and nobody is perfect at the beginning. I hope there will be more events.
Thanks Funcom.


I do not play on a PVP server so my situation may be different. I find PVP is typically problematic for many reasons and is not fun in the long run. I had no issues with logging in during the event and all our doors worked correctly. My experience no doubt was different.

The fixes that have been implemented with the last patch has actually brought back a couple of our veteran players.


Unfortunately, a dev kit will always be need when patches are made. Our server runs 6 mods, we did not need a Dev Kit to be up and running because we selected Mods that had low risk of breaking the game. If it does, we all understand the server will be down a day or so till the dev kits come out (this is how mods are created, updated, and edited). It is the risk you take when using mods.


Sure, but please remember not everyone who loved this event (even with it’s duration) will tell so.

Most negative opinions I heared were only about the missing setting to turn that off or because the event has gone 24/7 all these days. On the other hand, even casual players had a chance to experience this event.

So the event might have been perfect with 50/50 of day+night times (blue lightning+meteorites only at night) and the possibility to turn it off.


I agree but people are unhappy with those 5 min nights already. :thinking: :joy:


That’s mostly because nights are “realistically” (I suppose?) dark. The problem being that, in combination with rainstorms and/or sandstorms, it effectively turns your display near-black with about 1m visibility. You can literally run off cliffs, etc. because you can’t see where you’re going. And, surprise, surprise … a lot of people don’t find that to be fun gameplay, no matter how realistic it may be.


What does PvP have to do with anything? This patch broke doors on all servers PvP pve or private. I wouldn’t have issues logging in either… I chose not to to avoid the event so did 85% of my server which may never return.

Oh yeah and this broken event is still going because funcom failed again at sending the patch out ahead of time. This is not Sony or Microsoft issue as they would like us to think it’s funcom issue for not having any forethought.



I think he’s more referring to the fact that the bug that allowed people to walk through closed doors had more an impact on PvP. On PvE servers (official ones, anyway) even though you could get into someone’s base, you really can’t do anything other than look around. On PvP servers, however, every crafting station is open to be looted, along with any crates and unlocked chests (and they can just bomb the locked chests, if it’s during raid hours).

And yeah, it’s PvP so you can expect to have your base raided. But there’s a difference in folks’ minds between being “legitimately” raided by an enemy clan, and some random noobler walking off with all your stuff with little-to-no effort because Funcom inadvertently handed them the keys to your virtual castle.


My T2 door was not broken. I tested all of them and I could walk through none of them.


Did you test on your single player game or on a server ?
As one type of t2 door was not recognised by the game on servers directly after the Halloween event was activated until the first hot fix patch.
Multiple players on a variety of servers reported it.
As we both know, single player/co-op can have different issues than multiplayer server. You experienced that yourself in the pet testlive sessions if I remember correctly.


Yes, I am currently playing on solo/co-op so I was playing as a single player. When I heard there was a problem with the T2 door, I tested all of mine and they were not allowing me to pass through them. Perhaps it was more of an online issue than private games.


Despite the flaws, it was still great to have a Halloween event. Not so sure an Easter one would go over too well. Colored eggs, Rabbits everywhere, Thralls with Easter baskets… I wouldn’t mind seasonal themes though. Winter spreads all over map. Bears hibernate, but there are more wolves and fur bearing critters everywhere. Water freezes over except for patches here and there. Blizzards and falling temps.


Hack a hole in the ice first before you can access the water or the fish :smiley:

I’d actually like that, unless it was happening in the desert that never changes (it’s not like they really have seasons, just areas) or the jungle or something. Maybe in those biomes, something else would happen with the weather during the season.


I’d like the jungle to shed all the foliage and all become like the south eastern area with the spiders and webs everywhere. Sticky webs that slow down anyone who walks through them. It can still be cold and have wind blowing through. The desert could be dusted with patches of frost. Night time would be longer everywhere. The desert would drop in temperature at night only.


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