Halloween? Is it coming?

I notice theres achievements for at least one of the haloween events.

So I guess new or returning players, or people with new alts, get shafted.

Great job Funcom.

Indeed it’s weird that Halloween events have not been activated for Aoc when even Anarcy online has it’s event going. Guess it’s because of the current patch we have. It’s working somewhat ok atm (right?) and to activate halloween events they probably have to patch the patch so to speak :smiley: and they don’t dare because they might mess up the game while they got the saga running. :slight_smile:

I’m tagging @Mussagana since it’s important, many of us want the Halloween quests back and hoping to hear that they will be, :). They do tend to be responsive when I post and tag so ~crosses fingers~

If i pray to Crom i get more answers than here… .

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@Mussagana IS Crom though, isn’t he?

Isn’t that why he isn’t responding?

“I seldom pray to him, he doesn’t listen…”


starting to think the GM’s are like the 4 winds atm :laughing:

We’re planning to bring back the Halloween quest events from the past few years online tomorrow (on all servers, including Saga of Blood). This includes:

  • By the Light of the Moon
  • Thirst of the Serpent God
  • The Shambling Plague

Additionally, we’re upping the level cap on Saga of Blood to 50 tomorrow. :jack_o_lantern:


YAY! Thanks so much Andy!

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Huzzah! :smiley:

:jack_o_lantern: woot

Do we have info what starts those 3 quest lines? I did them all before but cannot remember if those were just /claims or some NPC involved?

Any info is muchos appreciatos! :smiley:

UPDATE: I will fill in any info gathered so others can just read & go in action! :sunglasses:

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cooool can’t wait to see werewolf battles in FoD :heart_eyes:

Werewolves in Conarch: go to the northern trader area and there is an NPC in upper northern area that gives the quest to take sheep on a trip

Khemi quest: poster by the trainer in khemi

idr the shambling but maybe outside of commons?

Yes, the NPC is right outside the gate leading into the Commons.

Thank you all!

What is the reward for shambling? Social gear? Ive done it but don’t remember, thanks

There used to be a quest walkthrough for it, but I can’t find it anymore. 2 Tokens of gilding the first time through and something about some chests in the Noble area near the boss you fight there.

I think the best one for loot is the Con Village werewolf one.

Btw: I didn’t get any marks of sacrifice from two runs through the Khemi quest on saga on two characters…only the last boss dropped one to two then the quest drops

Has anyone else found a mark during a regular run? Or was it nerfed?


i didnt get any of the 3 rare bosses for the purple social cloak on run for shambling plague achivement (OT quest) and the boxes for khemi quest for the guards diguise wouldnt open either on my run earlier…shambling plague has 2 social necks or cape to choose from and if you get the 3 rare bosses the purple vanity cape

The khemi quest did that for me too…it didn’t pick up that I had picked up the urn. You might check your quest log and see if it still needs you to get the urn picked up first. I was able to go back and get it then the boxes would open for the apprentice set