Halloween? Is it coming?


Is anything coming for Halloween? Its not like we don’t have anything to do now


Would be nice to do Halloween…:japanese_ogre::skull::ghost::female_detective::alien:


I think they will run the same event like before. 100%


Which is totally fine just for “candy”… hope it will be all servers…


Cloaks are worth a lot if you do Conarch Village Halloween quests. It’s easy and fast money


Skull helmets and Ghastly Cloaks? (Vanity Gear)

Would be nice!


So is that a ‘no’ on Halloween events and quests?

Those Halloween candy drops from suspicious crates are nice for pvp and pve


I imagine the same yearly quests will be activated again in the next week or two.


I’m sort of thinking that they wont do anything since “saga” so they can be lazy.


Any official answer here? Anarchy just got it, exiles has it…even just reactivating the quests so people can get the boxes and cloaks and candy…


It may be that to activate, it would have to be on all 3 servers. It would be more “required” PvE on the Saga Server.


Remember that the Khemi halloween event has a PvP component to it…


was going to ask this myself…exiles , anarcy online and secret world have their halloween anniversary events up…in particular i am asking about if the night of lost souls/partially translated pages quests will it become available again amongst the other seasonal quests…cheers


Well guess AOC isn’t getting anything for Halloween this year…pity


Its not pity its a nightmare and totally not understandable if so. Especially its free content and contains a pvp event that would fit better than ever just now, not speaking of the value of candy.
And actually you punished us with bugs, frequent disconnects, extended server downtime so give us at least free candy?


Well, I was hoping to be able to do it this year (I missed it last year) to get the Sacrificial Blade on my toons that don’t have it. It’s a must-have for those kb/fear under the map.


I notice theres achievements for at least one of the haloween events.

So I guess new or returning players, or people with new alts, get shafted.

Great job Funcom.


Indeed it’s weird that Halloween events have not been activated for Aoc when even Anarcy online has it’s event going. Guess it’s because of the current patch we have. It’s working somewhat ok atm (right?) and to activate halloween events they probably have to patch the patch so to speak :smiley: and they don’t dare because they might mess up the game while they got the saga running. :slight_smile:


I’m tagging @Mussagana since it’s important, many of us want the Halloween quests back and hoping to hear that they will be, :). They do tend to be responsive when I post and tag so ~crosses fingers~


If i pray to Crom i get more answers than here… .