Stonehenge Community Defence Event!


EVENT HAS CONCLUDED! Congratulations to the following:

Place Player (In-Game Name) Highest Completed Wave
1st Dr-Levsky, Molov 43 (!)
2nd Steppaz, TS-13 40
3rd Jay6 38
4th Shibe 36
5th Shalrys, Drenneth 35

Change up your talismans, swap your signets and raise your hammer or shoot your guns. It’s time to participate in the most build optimizing skill test to date. Stonehenge Occult Defence Scenario just released and we want to find out who can reach the furthest.

From Wednesday, September 19th - 11:00 AM EDT, everyone will be able to Que up to the Stonehenge Occult Defence Scenario and try to get as far as they can. With the magic powers of Funcom fairies we will keep track of who is the best defence strategist and at Wednesday, September 26th - 10:00AM EDT we will close the tracking for this community event to see who has cleared the highest difficulty enemy wave. Any score recorded after this time will not be entered into the event. After we have processed the ranking lists we will publish the scores and winners here in this post.

Today while at the gathering, if you would like to tune in for some great music to get you pumped up and ready to go, or just chill while you are winding down from your scenarios. Tune in to DJ DanyAngel and wandering radio. You can check it all out at the link below.


To make sure we have aligned ourselves with the power of the SUN. We will gather on Saturday, September 22nd 03:00PM EDT until 09:54PM EDT (Equinox) at the virtual reality system hub - The Sunken Library, Venice. Here we will talk strategies, nonsense, announce friendly rivalries, and frequently pop in and out as we Que up to beat the current high-score. To entice you all to bring your very best competitive spirit we have organised a few prizes for those who claim the best Occult defender at Stonehenge.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 (Currently suggestion only - Items are Confirmed):

BEST PLAYER (regardless of solo or duo)
1.G933 Wireless Gaming Headset + G703 Wireless Gaming mouse + Exclusive Jack Boone Agent Dossier + Savage Metal outfit
2.G703 Wireless Gaming mouse + Exclusive Jack Boone Agent Dossier + Savage Metal outfit
3.Exclusive Jack Boone Agent Dossier + Savage Metal outfit + Bumblepup
4.Savage Metal outfit + Bumblepup + Special agent Margot Crowley-Mathers Dossier
5.Savage Metal outfit + Arachnoid Cycle + Arctic Explorer Outfit

As a added bonus: Anyone who completes at least one wave of enemies in the Stonehenge Occult Defence Scenario before the community event ends will get the exclusive title “Simgames Hero”

Winners will be contacted through the in game message system to organize for prize delivery. Please be prepared to share Name, Address and Phone number with Remyx99, in order for us to be able to ship the winners their hardware products. (No one else will contact you to get this personal information) - Other community helpers might contact you to deliver certain in game items, but they will never ask for your personal details.

Do make sure you meet up in game at The Sunken Library, Venice to participate in the event, share strategies and make last tweaks to your builds to put in a last effort before we close entries to the leaderboard. To follow along be sure to tune in to the streamers as well:

Timeszone conversions:

Tracking open from: Wednesday, September 19th - 11:00 AM EDT / 15:00 GMT / 17:00 CEST

Tracking closes at: Wednesday, September 26th - 10:00 AM EDT / 14:00 GMT / 16:00 CEST

Equinox social gathering from: Saturday, September 22th - 03:00 PM EDT / 19:00 GMT / 21:00 CEST until 09:54 PM EDT / 01:54 GMT / 03:54 CEST

Any questions, feel free to drop me a message here, in game or in Discord!


Done by Molov & Dr-Levsky.

Didn’t bother going into wave 36 with 1cm of statue life left, exhaustion and our computers started to burn.


Gratz!!! :smiley:

Is there a kind of efb for the event and if not, how much IP would be enough to have a chance at competing?

No EFB. Then i’m not sure what “competing” could mean to you, reach the top5 to earn something? I don’t know how many people are maxed out in terms of IP and how many would tryhard, but basically, for someone who’s maxed IP, things get rough after wave ~27. So i guess we’d find out how high of waves people end up getting here in the next days. But yeah if you’re not maxed out, i don’t see you being able to get high enough, as this thing tests people’s gear really hard.

Realistically you’ll need maxed-out gear (70/20/20 red) in order to compete with the top dogs. Everyone else will only ever have a shot at the consolation prizes the way this thing is currently set up.

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I see thanks, I’m considering reinstalling the game, a new scen type was exactly what I wanted, especially of this kind.

The rewards are pretty good even if they don’t make much sense (you get the same for wave 25, or 27, or 29 if you grind single waves, for instance - @AndyB i suggest you review the rewards here, don’t be scared to make distillates go higher than 4k exp, please :slight_smile: ). The biggest factor here is that you get actually the same amount of glyph distillates that you used to get in the old scens, but for ~4 min of your time (3min 20 for a wave + 40s for loading times etc…) (+ a bonus signet disti). This is almost 3 times faster glyph grinding than what we had in the old scens (the seek & preserve scens take 11-12 min).

Music and entertainment will be provided by Wandering Angel Radio!! for tunes on the day of the evdnt

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The gaming mouse would be cool…finally a mouse that costs more than 10 bucks on my computer…than again. I never beat enough waves…
I’m neither maxed nor AR/Hammer or such.
Well I still can go for the title…

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Got to agree with Aeryl, if this is measuring who can beat the most waves or the hardest waves. Since it scales up in difficulty with every wave, it means automatically that all the “less than E10” people are going to lose out, because they simply cannot compete against the damage and survivability of people who are IP 1600 with maxed out everything.

The only way I can see this being worth participating in for people who aren’t maxed out, is if it’s somehow broken into tiers. (E1-E3, E3-E5, etc.)

Even then, you’d have to have a way to prevent massively overgeared folk from queuing up for a lower tier and steamrolling people just for easy rewards (which is the case with most dungeon queuing right now).

Well i mean that’s if we consider this being a problem. I remember some goodies being awarded to people for example who were doing SWL-themed paintings, cosplaying or things like that. I won’t say this leaves out people who do not do / know how to do these kind of things, but i just didn’t bother participating there either, and this wasn’t a problem for me.

It’s pretty clear that not maxed IP people do no stand any chance of getting any records however, that’s certain.

I do think it’s a problem. What we have here is a “community event” that excludes 99% of the community.


If you’re referring to the old “I Am TSW” event, there were various categories, ranging from ‘speciality’ things like “things you make with your hands” (could be anything from craft items to your favorite Lovecraftian mixed drink) to “tell us about your favorite event” to “show us your favorite screenshot”. The bar for entry was pretty low (can you push the ‘Print Screen’ button? Can you type?) and was purposefully aimed to involve as many people in the community as possible. It’s not really a good comparison for this.

I guess this should be more looked at like a PVP ‘community’ event. Meaning, not the SWL community as a whole, but the PVP community in SWL. This isn’t for the SWL community as a whole, this is for the end-game community.

Which is fine, if it’s promoted as such, but only if promoted as such. Sure, the non-l33t folks get the rewards of “having fun”, but I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who would like at least a chance at cool in-game items like exclusive agents and outfits.


I am sure that this fantastic community will raise up to host a lovely variety of other types of events as well. Over the years that’s what I love this community for, the sheer diversity of types of content the community creates for itself.

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Yeah, I’m mostly looking at that inverse Faction Recruit agent (hp+prot instead of prot+hp) and sighing cause I have like… 1100 IP which is about 1000 scenarios, 500 dungeons and 600 regionals shy of being able to compete for this, even assuming the weapons/signets/talis I happened to choose are viable (if not throw in another 100-200 runs per item that needs to be fixed). I’m definitely in the <1% endgame players but I do half the dps of people who are truly capped. I’m not saying ‘give it to everyone’ but maybe something like “performed above your IP” like if someone’s got IP400 and finished E5 level in the new scenario.

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I would take it a step further and say the only people with a real chance are those who are both capped and mainhand AR.

Well, since there’s only one other entry, I can at least get the participation trophy and just not get to have Jack Boone because someone thought it was a good idea to make a reward exclusive to a community event.

Funcom will be compiling server-sided data on every character that has completed a Stonehenge wave for this event, so you’re automatically a participant (whether you want to or not).

As far as I know you’ll need atleast wave 36 to enter the top 5 at this point. i don’t know if my computer can even handle kiting that many enemies for that many waves!