Communitystream 21.9.2018

Come take a peek in the slot dirty voyeur, voyeur, voyeur…

(In roughly half an hour aka 1pm edt/7pm cest)



Thanks for the heads-up on that one, wouldn’t have known otherwise :smiley:

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I want those outfits in the background!

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Sorry about the short notice! Been super stressed the past couple days and weren’t even sure if we’d be able to stream today due to technical issues. We’ll be better about it!


Any key points / summary? Or maybe just a social hangout session I was busy. Might check it out later tonight.

Mostly just hangouts. We’ll have a new cache released with this year’s Halloween stuff (which is soon!) and we have other stuff in the pipeline that isn’t Halloween/Krampusnacht-related. Also Nite Team 4 (the Black Watchmen hacking game spinoff) is launching in Early Access Oct 2 and we’ll have some kickstarter bonus items available in SWL soon after that.


it’s all good Vandy :stuck_out_tongue: fun times were had!

What about the special tie-in mission?

Very cool. Looking forward to the new super amazing OP blade in the next cache :wink:

We’ll still have a crossover tie-in but that won’t make it for the Oct. 2 EA launch. Details TBD.


After quiet a while we had a new SWL-Dev Steam, yay!

The stream was hosted by Andy and Spynosaur. They celebrated the launch of the Stonehenge Occult defense scenario and mostly played the new scenario while having a lot fun.

I was on a 100km /24h hike durig the weekend and there is not much to summarize from the stream so I usually would have just skipped it. But it has been so long, so what the heck, I had fun watching the recording and writing this. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can re-watch the stream on Twitch.

Here is the short summary:


  • They got a new streaming studio / setup, better camera and all
  • New scenarios are released! Details
  • There will be a new Cache for the Halloween Event in October
  • Halloween event will have new stuff

How Stonehenge works

  • You start the scenario just like you do with the seek & preserve ones
  • Portals open and mobs spawn from them
  • If the mobs get to the center, it takes damage
  • After the time of the wave is up, a boss spawns
  • Each wave gets harder and every few waves the loot gets better
  • You get loot based on the last successful wave you dealt with
  • You can start at higher level waves if you have the gear or cleared them before

Lore behind the scenario

  • “Real world” (as in the Secret World) Stonehenge sits on a major leyline
  • It is predicted that it might get attacked by monsters in the near future
  • Druids of Avalon are looking for help in simulating all kinds of attacks to prepare defenses & recruit Secret Worlders
  • That’s where the players come in and run the CoV scenario of these potential attacks

Equinox Event

  • Lasts until October 3rd
  • After that Druids of Avalon Envoys will leave
  • Scenario will remain a permanent addition
  • Lore for the Druids will disappear
  • Event is meant to be bi-annual and will be back in Spring 2019
  • Every agent can be acquired after the Equinox, the one from the reward bags will be at the achievement vendor

Q&A / Misc

  • Nite Team 4 goes into early access in October and SWL tie-in rewards will be coming but no promised date
  • Andy did the old TSW faction test and he should be a: Dragon! Quiz

Welcome back Rovena :wave: