The Streaming Ones March 9th, 2018 [Summary]

The stream was hosted by Andy, Tron and Spynosaur today. Tilty dropped in for a bit of fun too. It was a community stream and focused on having fun. The Beyond the veil Agent fanart contest was wrapped up as well. You really should watch it on Twitch

Here is the short summary of the news bits:

Last Weeks in review

  • Agent Network came out and had a couple of issues
  • They think they have fixed (most) of the crashes
  • They thank us for the patience and apologize for the issues

Upcoming Agent network improvements

  • You will get a second agent relatively early in the agent handler career
  • She is a new agent that gets introduces so you have more than one Agent
  • The UI will be added to the topbar menu
  • Build manager integration (adding the agent selection in the supporting agent slots to the saved build)
  • Faction restriction bug on missions will be fixed. (No more Dragons running missions for Illuminati for example)
  • They have ideas for tying the Agent Network into the weekend events
  • More stability patches coming if needed, please give feedback
  • They will add an option to look at what missions are available even if all slots are filled (not coming with the other improvements but later)


  • The hopefully will be able to put more info out next week
  • They liked the idea proposed in chat about player characters being added as agents for contests (no promise though)
  • Tilty Teased a KG voice acting piece

Let me know if I missed something :slight_smile:

Edit: Contest winners:

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Thanks for this!


Sweet! When can we expect to see the upcoming agent network improvements?

I have HEARD the Future and it is K-GearyLICIOUS :heart::star_struck: :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I’d love to see Kari Wahlgren appear as live action Kirsten Geary on the stream, no matter how briefly.


Yes please! My shems (pls give me back my shems Funcom) were part of my RP and I’d be ecstatic to be able to make one an agent :smiley:


Yes! And please have her wear that dress! And those boots! don’t forget the boots! :sunglasses::ok_hand:

(just sayin’)


Why not just make it the event? I imagine I’m not the only one who would love an Agents Actually Drop Weekend.

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I think they meant Agent XP.
But yeah… this also.

… I hope not. An Agent XP event would feel like rubbing it in the faces of those not lucky enough to get agents despite the abysmal drop rates. Please, Funcom, don’t go down that road.


They could boost both during the same event though.