The Streaming Ones February 23rd, 2018 - Summary (Agent system)

The stream was hosted by Andy, Andrew & Spynosaur. The main topic was the soon to be added Agent System.

It was a really “infodump” stream and you should watch it to get the full context. The recording can be found on twitch and youtube.

Last weeks

  • They thanks everyone for having fun and participating in the bonus events
  • They will probably cycle through them again later the year again
  • There are a few ideas for future events like them
  • Andy put out a very brief video out on social media about the Agent system: Twitter
  • He also was on Beyond the Veil talking about it Twitch recording & My summary

Agent Network


  • Meant to go along with the new content drop
  • Telling a few more stories from around the world that don’t get a full content area
  • Unlocks at Level 15, your faction will let you handle our own agents
  • Thematically the missions are similar to what the players do
  • The Agent Network will be released sometime next week
  • Everyone starts fresh with this system
  • If you are above 15, you get an SMS that leads into the agent network tutorial
  • There will be a blogpost about the system as well
  • They would have loved to make this available in an app as well, but did not have the resources for that. It’s ingame only.
  • So far the content will not be scaled up for this, but if it breaks content that might have to be revisited.


  • Opened by the P key (no real meaning, one of the non combo keys still free)
  • It shows the roster of agents, ongoing missions
  • You can view Agents dossier with quite a bit of lore about them in a report style
  • The agents stats and bonuses to the player are displayed
  • The gear of the agent (1 slot) can be changed
  • Agents can be filtered and sorted
  • Active and open missions can be viewed


  • 6 Categories of missions (diamonds)
  • You unlock each category through the agent network (as your agents get capable to run them)
  • They get more difficult ect.
  • Each mission has a lore description
  • Rewards are items for your character (Distilled item XP for example), Mission resources, agent XP, agent dossiers or gear
  • Missions have bonus objectives
  • If your agent’s traits match the mission, you get additional rewards
  • Agents have a affinity for a mission in percent
  • It represents the total chance for success and outstanding results (aka chance for getting loot)
  • Even unsuccessful missions give some XP but no loot
  • Missions take quite a while (we have seen timers in hours)
  • You get a mission report with the outcome once the missions is completed
  • The reports have also small easter eggs and lore depending on what Agent did them
  • Some missions are chains, succeeding one unlocks others
  • The missions get refreshed after a certain time, the time differs depending on the mission slot & type
  • Missions can re-appear, but should not be available for taking twice at the same time
  • The mission continues when the player is offline
  • You can pay aurum to instantly finish a mission, cost depends on time left
  • Players start with one active missions slot
  • Mission slot 2 unlocks when you get the second agent
  • One mission slot is extra for patrons


Missions - Resources

  • Intel, Supply & Assets Resources that might be required by a mission
  • Rewards for completed missions usually will be different recourses than what was spend
  • Some Agents are more likely to receive certain resources than others

Special Mission

  • Unlocked after first mission
  • Weekly mission refresh timer (you can do it once a week)
  • No requirements other than an agent
  • Great rewards & Guaranteed success
  • Meant for people to have a reason to at least regularly look into the Agent Network

Agents - Mechanics

  • Each agent has a level 25 and a level 50 bonus for you the player
  • There are bonuses for every weapon and playstyle
  • The level 25 bonus usually is half the level 50 bonus
  • Up to 3 agents can be equipped at the same time by a player
  • If you have two agents equipped with the same bonus, they stack
  • The first slot for equipping agents is unlocked when the first agent reaches level 25
  • Other slots unlock later, no payment, all within the Agent system
  • Agents have up to two, unique traits
  • While unique, some traits might have similar effects
  • There are 6 types of traits (Supernatural, Power, Dexterity, Resilience, Intelligence, Charisma)
  • Agents have three stats: Prowess, Adaptability & Ingenuity
  • Agent gear can give traits and stat bonuses
  • One gear slot / agent
  • Gear will overflow into your main inventory if the Agent Network inventory is full
  • You can not change the gear of Agents while they are on missions
  • Equipping gear binds it to the character (interchangeable between agents) and costs no currency
  • The first agents might take a bit longer, but with gear and higher mission the later agents will not take as long
  • Roster size is 40
  • No agent dating :stuck_out_tongue:

Agents - Dossiers

  • Agent dossier are usable items that grant you an agent
  • You get to view the dossier (lore, stats) before you put them into the roster to decide if you want to use it, or sell it
  • Dossier content (lore, stats) but can review it in there any time
  • Some can be sold on the auction house
  • Sources for dossiers are: Agent missions, elite dungeons, achievements, scenarios, lairs, raid-finder
  • Savage coast onwards Action and Sabotage have a chance as well
  • Agent dossiers are specific to the activity, for example scenario agent dossiers will not drop in dungeons
  • Regions of the missions matter too
  • Where what agent is to get from should be found out by the community together, information sharing is encouraged.
  • You can get all agents, but no agent twice
  • There are “shiny” agent dossiers, they do not have better stats or something, just look better (like foil trading cards)
  • Shiny agents take the slot of the normal version if you get them

Agents - Boosters

  • Agent boosters can be bought with aurum
  • They contain dossiers & gear
  • The boosters do not have any agents that are not available otherwise ( you can get all agents without purchase)
  • Some agents are available through the boosters
  • You can sell dossiers & agent gear from boosters for Hexcoins & buy dossiers and gear bags with those


Please let me know if I missed something or got it wrong!

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Awesome breakdown of the stream as usual :smiley:


Very well written. Thanks!

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Thank you! /15char

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Rov, you’re totally a rockstar for this. I couldn’t stay for the whole stream, so now I know what all I missed. :smile:

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Thank you for your hard work on the summaries @Rovena :sparkling_heart:

Really appreciate these a lot. Keep up the great work :unicorn:

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Thank you for the summaries ! :smiley_cat:

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Well, we are told, ingame, that one should not seek out comments on YT:

“He told me, if I truly want to understand humanity, I need only read the comments section on Youtube.”


Thanks for the summary!

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Even though I only recently appear in the community. I have always read his summaries and they are very very complete.This allows me to take stock and sometimes better understand an element of the stream. Great work.:+1:


You´re right!! What was I thinking?! D: In my defense, it was quite early… xD And then it was like a carcrash and I couldn´t look away :fearful::sob:

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That is the way crashes work though, you’re drawn to them and can’t look away.
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Also, SO dissapointed about the no dating our sla- … agents thing. Must be fixed Funcom! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the breakdown to help with what was missed during the stream!

That’s a nice write-up. The system seems simple enough and I’m looking forward to the collecting aspect. Hopefully, it keeps me busy enough until Season 2 comes. They do have me looking forward to the next stream at least.

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I think its even less about keeping you busy until Season 2 (in a way that’s been the whole ‘SWL’ existing, instead), but its about keeping you busy as Season 2 releases piece by piece. haha. ha :frowning:

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Thanks for the summary and thanks for the agents. Personally, I think it’ll be fun. It’s going to help make leveling up gear just a bit less of a grind. Not a lot, but, then, it shouldn’t.

I appreciate these! Funcom should really be doing these themselves. I am not sitting around watching an hour long video when I can leisurely read the core content in 5 minutes.