Re: agent drops


Jeff Goldblum sez it! Sorry couldn’t resist. But funcom you do plan on having Agents drop in your Agent drop missions right? I am over 50 missions and nothing. (way over)


So i take it no drops for you yet?


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I haven’t gotten any yet either :frowning:


It makes me hurt inside. :cry:


Just finish over9000 missions and you’ll get one.


Strong TSW scenarios drop rate nostalgia


WHAT 9000? That can’t be right! Crushes scouter

On a less memey note wouldn’t say a ‘scouter’ item increase the odds of getting additional agents?


Got a drop on my 3rd mission, but only that one out of 8.
Will test more after work


Somebody’s being lucky~


Just a quick question here:

For you folks actually getting Agents (I’ve just about cleared out SD and got zip), in what Zones are you getting them. From the ones who have already mentioned here (and a few I’ve talked to in game) it would seem as if the higher level Zones have greater drop chances per mission. Anyone else seeing that pattern? It would make some sense, preventing players from filling out their rosters at very low levels, but allowing higher level players to collect agents at end game faster.


I got mine for action missions in SC


I got lucky my first try. Just got one from Theme Park Tycoon. I could get better data if the servers weren’t going down.


RNGesus hates me, still nothing


did pretty much all of the action/sabotage missions in Savage Coast (except one, server downtime) got one Agent… “Low Chance” may just be an understatement


It’s almost like the R in RNG stands for Random. :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:


I got one agent drop…but even after farming for hours not a single other. I suspect a dropchance along the 3 or less percent.


All missions in SC, half in BM and some in SD and Kaidan. Nothing~ :kissing:


I cleared through all the Action missions in Besieged Farmlands and Scorched Desert (as well as one Sabotage mission), and a few Action missions in Shadowy Forest and City of the Sun God. Thirty-two missions in total and no Agent Dossiers were found.


Guess I’ll add my results. I did about 25 action missions a scenario, a couple of dungeons, and a lair, without any Agent drop. Some people in Cabal have gotten a drop, but others have done even more than me without.

I also bought six of the boxes and got two Agents out of it. So at least I can use my three slots.