Not a single agent dossier dropping from missions


After 2 weeks and way over 300 missions no agent have dropped, i am worried that somehow my character have not been correctly flagged as elegible for agent drops, could someone check it so i can brag about being the unluckiest person in the world?

The character is named Danjal.

My thought on the agent system, monetization, and gambling

nearly same boat. but across the three characters I play, I’ve only received one agent… and on a low level alt :man_shrugging:


Likewise same here, no drops for me, shall we start a club?


Not a single drop with hundreds of potentially rewarding content run.
So far I have seen thousands of “chest openings”, missions, scenarios and barely 3 people got an agent.

I stopped trying a long time ago. It is not a rewarding system.
You cannot WORK towards a goal, you cannot grind, farm, catchm’all.
You may or you may not someday get one. Not how I imagine Agent Handlers to work like.


Maybe look into what the ‘R’ in RNG stands for


I know, but when you throw a coin 30 times and you get always faces you should check if the coin have two faces or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As far as we know, that’s ill-conceived RNG working as intended.

Might want to try voicing support for a ‘bad luck streak breaker’ mechanic like Svella proposes here.


Assuming that the chance is 3% (which seems to be the highest estimate I seen) and you do 100 missions you still have a roughly 5% chance to not have had a single agent. While one is tempted to compare it with a coin, a coin has far better odds that greatly influence the chances down the line.

Assuming 2% dropchance you already have a 14% chance to not see an agent in 100 missions, and 37% if you assume 1% dropchance.
I also suspect that some people have a bloathed feeling of how many missions they did. While I believe some have ran hundreds of missions, others just think they had that many while doing in the mid to high two digits. Perception loves playing tricks on you.


The system has now been out for over two weeks. Anyone who did enough main missions just for dailies has hit triple digits (2x7x(3+5)=112).

Odds are that anyone who spent at least 2 or 3 days with extra dedicated grind really has run hundreds of missions in the sense that they’re beyond the 200 mark at least.


I didn’t counted how many missions i have done exactly, but they have been over ten every day after agent system was released, first day i did over 20 (all john wolf and insmouth academy + several others in SC and quite a bunch of missions in SD and other 4 missions in BF), on both weekends i have doone over 15 a day, some of them over 20, if i am under 300 i have done 290 :stuck_out_tongue:

But that is not the real problem, the real problem is that i have put enough play time to get a character from level 15 to the end of tokio doing most missions in every playfield, so one player can finish the storyline without ever getting a single agent drop, if it is not a bug then it is bad designed.


By the way, assuming a 2% drop rate, there’s a 1.75% chance of not seeing an agent in 200 missions.

A pure low-odds RNG without streak breaker drop mechanic for the basic resource of a new game system is an incredibly bad idea. Unfortunately, it’s so totally Funcom they couldn’t be bothered to consider the kind of psychological effects and negative reactions that will elicit.


Imho for them it is far more profitable milk whales than risk higher droprate with very uncertain effect on slightly better retention. I am afraid it is all about the fact from their statistics that they will always loose nearly same amount of players in time no matter how the droprate will be better. But they will loose far more money from whales with better droprate. The conclusion is quite clear…


If SWL really has that many whales that don’t mind being milked with high price, low reward boosters like the agent system uses. I sure would like their contact details. See, I’ve got this bridge in Brooklyn…


count me in for the club, I have been doing normal+bonus dailies plus some extra quests and scenarios on my main every day and on my two twinks some days and have yet to have a single agent drop.
(and the fact that my bf who played around 1/3 of what I did already has had 3 agents - while I’m being happy for him - makes my grind feel even worse.)
I also bought 2 of the boosters with no luck (green equipent) and will now focus on bank space again in terms of aurum.
I’m really glad that they’ll give us a second agent.


I was at 142 missions before my first drop in SC, so far at 160 with just that one drop. Make sure you are counting only missions that have the blue-circle-? icon for a potential agent drop, as not everything does.

I’ve mostly seen drop rates guesstimates in the 0.5 - 1% range, although some people have given estimates as high as 2-2.5%.

With rates like that it is possible to go 300 without a drop, although fairly unlikely. If you manage to hit 400 qualified missions without a drop you have a pretty fair indication that something’s not working.


If we assume 0,5% droprate 400 missions without a drop isn’t that rare (1-0,995^400=0,865 =86,5% for at least one agent or 13,5% for none.
But that is with lowest estimate. With 1% it looks far better with nearly 2% for no agent.
All in all it’s still a pretty untrusty indicator if you don’T have a lot cases. The crap with it is that the probability is so low that it can have long periods of nothing or short periods of drops.


Yea, I was paying attention to that.
Abandoned my ‘very quick KM-route’ and switched the investigation missions in my daily routines for other quests that have agent drops.
without having logged closely how many quests I did (apart from “dailies, 40ish missions & scens on the first weekend and then some”) my cautious guesstimate would be at around >200 missions for me so far.
On the bright side I keep telling myself I’m just terribly unlucky and one simply has to drop :soon:


Actually, if the drop rate were 1%, you’d expect about 2 people out of 100 to not get any drops in 400 missions.

That’s the problem with making the basic resource (agent) for a, using the term somewhat loosely, ‘fun’ side mini-game a rare pure RNG drop. For some people, it’ll take that ‘fun’ out of the system before they even had a chance to get hooked.


Fortunatley haven’t had that bad of luck with drop rates, but it is RNG. My lowest lvl alt received an agent on the third mission of the day. My highest has run umpteen missions and has had a few drop since the system came out.

Another avenue - if you’re doing your dailies - buy one off the AH. That’s what I did. There are a bunch for sale under 150K.

Now if agents drop great, if they don’t I’m still playing as I would anyway.



I hope someone at FC is reading this, because agent drops are really frustrating!

There SHOULD be a safety catch for increasing chances over a number of missions with no drop - 300 missions with no drop is just rude

Now, having said that, you have your Faction Recruit, and will have (when?) Lydia Darling so, they’re getting the minimum to 2 anyway. Also, you eventually get another one at the 500 mission milestone achievement. Now just add one more - give everybody one at L50 and I’ll be content with the low drop rate.