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So…since we still are guessing what the droprate is for agents I finally jumped my shadow and would like to organize a dropresearch.

Basically people comment with how many missions(with agentdrops)/scenarios/blue enddungeonchests/blue regional chest they got and how many had an agent in it.

Here an example:

Missions done: 1337 Agent drops: 40 No Agent drops: 1297
Scenarios done: 100 Agent drops: 3 No Agent Drops: 97

  • It’s not really that important which agent or region it was. What is important is that you don’t cheat about values and don’t cherrypick moments where you didn’t get agents or did get some to warp your figures.

  • Stay honest and keep exact tabs and once we have enough data we should see a trend forming into a agent dropchance for everyone. Even small amounts help.

  • Any form is ok as long as she has the sum of missions/scenarios etc seperate (so we don’t mix the scenario and mission droprate in a weird way) and how many agents dropped (I would prefer to also have the opposite value so we always can check drops+nodrops=all)

  • To keep it simpler to read for me and everyone that uses the dropdata don’t make a new comment but edit old drop data to the new values.

  • Keep in mind that only rare chest from regionals and last dungeonbosses have a dropchance. Grey chest should be excluded from the data.

  • I try to be avaidable for any questions.

Lets find that dropchance,


Well guess i will start. While i did have two agents early on, i wasnt exactly keeping tabs on how many missions that took. I did just start noting down today however. Not a very good sample size so far i realize that =P.

Source Total Agent No-Agent
Missions 218 5 213
Dungeons 3 0 3
Scenarioes 61 1 60
Regionals 9 0 9
Raid 27 0 27

Updated 16/4/18

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Don’t worry about the sample size. If enough people join we get the sample size by quantity of people instead of by some people running endless many missions and stuff.
Also big thanks for being the first.^^

Assuming the mission quantities for each area DumbOx gave me are correct, I have:

Missions done: 926 Agent Drops: 11
Scenarios done: 135 Agent Drops: 2
NYR done: 8 Story, 7 e1 Agent Drops: 0
Regional rare chests: 3 Agent Drops: 0
Final boss rare chests: 4 Agent Drops: 0

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So, I’ll skip the missions that I did on top of my dailies because I didn’t exactly count them and don’t want to leave a guess here. Dailies and weekend-scenarios leave me at
Missions: done 130; Agent drops: 0; no drops: 130
Scenarios (E1): done 10; Agent drops: 0; no drops: 10

as of: 15.3.

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Missions # Agent #
Action/Sabotage 104 2
Scenarios 27 1
Dungeons 12 0
Regionals 18 0
Raids 15 0
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SA quest----408-----------1-------------407

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Just a quick question. For regional and dungeon chest you only counted rare/blue chests on the last boss, right?

corrected the value for blue chest :stuck_out_tongue:

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24 missions, 0 drops.
Yes, I’ve been lazy about this. Zero shame.

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But should people actually be doing that? Most chests being “useless to begin with” does severely reduce the real-world drop rate per dungeon run.

A drop rate “per dungeon run that got lucky enough to not be pointless to begin” isn’t really the information I’d expect players to be looking for.

You can always calculate that probability of the droprate from rare chest as it’S way easier to calculate the probability of rare chests.
Combining the probabilities is just a loss of information, in favor of making the data more approachable without extra calculation.

Sry, for not being able to explain it more easily but point is there is a reason for it.

Fair enough. Then you should probably list/link the rare final chest rate for those who don’t know it by heart yet.

264 SC missions, 1 Agent drop (Saenchai Khamsing dropped on mission #142)

2nd Agent drop, Thomas Grady, at 292 SC missions.

3rd Agent drop, Martin Espina, at 340 SC missions.

4th Agent drop, Thomas Grady, at 367 SC missions.

5th Agent drop, Terry Laputo, at 381 SC missions.

6th Agent drop, Saemchai Khamsing, at 596 SC missions (11 days and 215 missions since #5)

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Only certain data point I can provide is 54** scenarios (3 per day since Agent System launchex) and 1 agent.

*I can’t math at 9 am >.<

**Incorrect launch date, Leogrim mentioned. So is actually 54.

3 scenarios on 3/17-- 1 agent.

3 scenarios on 3/18-- 1 agent.
(don’t kill me, data is data >.<)

3 scenarios on 3/19-- 0 agents


3/20-3/25 - 15 scenarios, 0 agents
3/25-3/30 - 15 scenarios, 1 agent
3/31-4/2 - 9 scenarios, 1 agent
4/3-4/12 - 28 scenarios, 0 agents.
4/12-4/19 - 23 scenarios, 0 agents.

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It hasn’t been 30 days since the release of the agent system, at least if I’m not completly confused at this point.

Adding in my data here, start date 3/17/2018:

Action/Sabotage Missions - 438 completed - 11 agent drops
Scenarios - 56 completed - 0 agent drops
Dungeons - 12 completed - 1 final blue chests - 0 agent drops
Regionals - 44 completed - 4 blue chests - 0 agent drops
NYR - 5 story, 5 E1 - 0 agent drops

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My little stats :

Mission (action/sabotage) : 46 - Agents Drops : 0
Raid NY : 2 - Agents Drops : 1
Dungeon 4 - Agents Drops : 0
Scenario 8 - Agents Drops : 1

@Leogrim Update for the week of 9th at 15th april

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updated previous post :slight_smile:

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Can you update the previous post instead of posting every week (I suspect these are the values for this week) seperate. Just makes it easier on my part since I don’t have to crosscheck and add up all from one person myself.^^