Fantastic Agents And Where To Find Them:

Well Folks, I’ve been keeping track of the (very few) Agents I’ve managed to snag thus far and would like to start a thread detailing exactly how, where, and doing what, each agent was found. Please chime in with your own finds so we can make finding these elusive creatures a much more painless experience.

Martin Espina-Blue Folder-Savage Coast-Carter Unleashed.
Wu Liang-Zhi-Blue Folder-Savage Coast-The Black House.
Thomas Grady-Blue Folder-Savage Coast-Breakfast of Champions.


:sunglasses::ok_hand: moar plz…!

One would think that we would get Carter after Carter Unleashed. Just sayin’ :smile:

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The Strange Boathouse in the Mist - Blue Folder - Saenchai Khamsing

Every Main mission (All reds and yellows - no side missions) have a chance to drop them.

A Chance.

It is not “Do this quest and you will get this agent.” Its RNG guys. :confused:
So do’em all.

I’m well aware of that.
However, many are region specific and some are type specific (AKA specific Lairs only). My idea was to try to provide general information on how, when, and where people were getting each individual Agent. There was a mention in one of the announcements that discovering Agent details was supposed to be a community effort and I had not seen any kind of thread specifically ON locations, so I thought it would be useful to make one.
After all, it does me no good to continue grinding away in search of Agents during Action/Sabotage missions in the Savage Coast if I have already gotten all the agents that I can out of those. I just figured that at least a few others would feel the same. The mention of the specific Mission is just a matter of curiosity.


Dax. Uh, one of Dagan’s missions. Not the bottom one. One of the top two ones.

That color looks brown to me. :thinking:

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To help figure out if there is any pattern to it…

Giovanni Belladonna - Kaidan - Confrontations and Revelations
Wu Liang-Zhi - Savage Coast - Ami Legend

I saw someone get–
Amir - Blue - Aspect of the Long-Toothed

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Christina Del Rio - E4 Scenario [Hotel] - Blue box
Liam Callahan (3.5% boost to AR) - Agent booster - (fourth booster bought)

I now have 3 Agents and i’m happy, since that’s all 3 slots filled for their missions and they are busy, busy, busy heading for 500 mission acheevo … only another 462 missions to go …


this is our current collection


I had no idea that existed. Much more useful than I was trying to do here. Thank you!

And how does one add info to the spreadsheet?

Well, there went my dream of Andy. :disappointed:

I just got Martin Espina from some mission in Scorched Desert. I don’t remember which one though, I turned in 7 main missions all at once.

What is a ‘regional’?

I think they mean Regional Lair Bosses?

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you leave an comment with info. Shalrys will process it into sheet soon.

[Agent Dossier: Terry Laputo]

Mission: The Faculty

Area: Savage Coast

FINALLY! :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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[Agent Dossier:Thomas Grady]

Mission: The Faculty

Area: Savage Coast

2 days in a row AND the same mission!