Guess Agents We'll Get


Little late for this, but better late than never. Who do you hope we get as Agents I seriously hope we get that Conspiracy Nut in Savage Coast as one, because I bet he would be hilarious!


I know we’re getting a type of jinn agent so I’m happy for that.

They did feature 12 different agents in one teaser!


Secret Agent Jac…



Who’s a good agent?!


@Jingi It’s amazing how much this one copy paste travels around in every possible social outlet XD


It just has to happen that he will be one, though I’m guessing that obtaining him wont be easy.
As for her, I’ve spent enough time slogging through filth getting her booze and ammunition, time for her to come out of the desert.



If we can have dog Agents, I nominate this guy:



When the stuff hits the fan, I want “cool as a cucumber” gram and her shotgun helping out.



#TeamNassir #IAmTheBruceWillis


I’d rather see more brand new characters, since we’re not getting customizable agents. Sending existing NPCs on missions while they’re standing right there in the game world is… yup.


I probably get Carter first but:


I’d be fine with familiar characters running these missions. It isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine Nassir running missions for all 3 factions. FC is good on story and I’m sure they’d fill his Dossier with a good one. The Agents will take away from the grind, at least for a while, and if the mechanic works well, I could see FC adding to it.


Nice touch with the video :sunglasses:




Bottom left, that’s Dale Cooper.


I want this guy as a possible Agent. (I worked damn hard for it back in TSW, all those bags didn’t open themselves.)

(Yes, it’s a Scarf Golem)
Art credit goes to @Mel-Addams


almost as much as left sock-o-mon :wink:


Mission givers shouldn’t be avaliable as agents.
I wish they give us Morninglight rogues.
Agents should be able to die if the mission fails.


A.No Missiongivers would exclude the majority of named npc in the open world.
B.Dieing agents are as much fun as breaking container keys…


Dark Souls is fun :slight_smile:
Risk reward is a thing and gambling is fun too.
Lethal missions should be a choice.