ARG for Season 2 or Agent System?



Since the original ARG for the original game, the ARG games and related sites and twitter posts have been a favorite of mine. It’s what originally invested me in this game as surely as act 2 of The King in Yellow. I love the Investigation missions. (Well, most of them. Even my least favorite gets my begrudging respect.)

I truly hope that there are ARG events for the agent system and season 2, and I look forward to that period of time where new investigation missions, and the new missions in general, do not appear in any search engine.

I suppose the reasoning for my posting this is that if anyone is wondering if anyone cares for the ARG events, I want them to know that they do. :eye: Eye am excited. :eye:


I loved the ARG for SWL… but the waiting… the endless unceasing relentless waiting. Fix that and I’m IN!!


I need to look up past interviews with Tilty, but IIRC one of the latest ones he said we weren’t going to have an ARG for it?

/I thought?/

Will check later through BtV videos.


Oh no :disappointed:

I suppose if the lore/legends for season 2 are deep enough, and the investigation missions are numerous and deep enough to send me down a research “rabbit hole” I will still be very happy, but it will be a bit disappointment. I am nothing if not patient and hopeful for the future of this game.


One thing I have learned about TSW/SWL is never say never. Mounts were never going to happen at launch…

I doubt there will be an ARG for the Agent System. I would also like to see a Season 2 ARG. It will be interesting to see what/if they release one to drum up interest before release.


Lore and conspiracies, I say. Many of the mounts looked like they are based on Vespa scooters. Vespa is the genus for hornets. Hornets are the persona taken on by…a certain group that I don’t want to spoil. Hornets are bee killers. Speedy Sally, I’m looking at YOU.


I highly doubt there will be an ARG for the agent system, because (if I understand correctly) the missions and agent descriptions will contain some new bits of lore.
I’d also love to see an ARG for season 2. Two of the things I love the most about TSW/SWL are the investigation missions, and how the game world becomes more alive thanks to various websites and the Twitterverse. As ARGs combine those two aspects, I’d love to see some more of them in the future.


I don’t know that there will be an ARG for Season 2. The best ARGs require a lot of effort to create and I don’t think it’s something they could do properly on their own which means it would also require money. I would love to see one though. But that aside, if they could do something to build the hype for it before it is released that would be awesome.

(no ARG for the agent system tho. I can’t see that being worth it for the amount of details we already have and with it potentially only being a few days away).


The last ARG for SWL launch was not made by Funcom, but by the Watchmen team.


Yes and thus why it would take money.


what is ARG? I love investigation missons too - not for solving them, but because of the atmosphere it does create in the game - the atmosphere of mystery - it really does fit the setting, so I guess ARG is something with webpages around it?


ARG stands for “Alternate Reality Game”. In this case, usually webpages and forum posts that usually have hints and a mystery that can be solved. Sometimes it is as simple as webpages and social media posts that can be researched to find hints and lore about upcoming content. Sometimes there are secret things that can be unlocked such as videos. Other times, the hints can lead you to do something in the game that can lead to an exclusive item. They are very similar to investigation missions except they may exist entirely out of game.