Agent Smith in Agartha


The Naked Templar bug is not merely a bug - Agent Smith has started to invade Agartha! But the bees are fighting back, they have limited his movements, his equipment (thats why he lost his suit) and are trying to stop him from taking over our characters! This is of course only possible because Agartha is a highly advanced computer, every time we enter Agartha we are de-materialized and transformed - we are entering the matrix of the hollow earth.
By leaving Agartha, our bees are able to access their last save of our original persona and are restoring us similar to the process of resurrection after death.

The developers have outdone themselves this time. We should have been clued in when they announced the new Agent system! Maybe this is the beginning of Season 2 - or a hint for things to come even later in the storyline.

Keep your eyes open! Agent Smith is among us now!

…this is my new pet-conspiracy-theory and I am sticking to it.


You’re close, but it’s not Agent Smith. It’s the Gate Keeper! Who else is bald and naked? Well, he’s working on removing underwear and genitals, but this is the first step to his conquest of Agartha. The anger we felt from him in TSW will be unleashed on SWL tenfold! He will make all the bees his workers, and woe to the world!


I always thought it was the madness of a dreamer waking up for a second…
They went back to sleep but that’s the level of s*** we have to expect if someone wakes up the dreamers.

Also giant roleplay potential: I challenge everyone with an RP character to roleplay the hell out of this bug…maybe your character thinks it was a dream or is now mentally scared by it, maybe they go insane over that event…


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