New Trailer - Dark Agartha


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Arrrr those mushrooms psychedelic?


Asking the real questions


But are they edible? :thinking:


Does it have PvP?
Oooooooooops, I said it, sorry.


Does it feature new story content?


I think so.
Here’s the Funcom description

A Mysterious Path In Agartha Has Opened. Initially Discovered By The Lost Conquistador, The Question Isn’t Just Where The Portal Led, But To When.
Witness – Dark Agartha, A Telling Of A Possible Apocalyptic Future.
Launching November 14.


omggggggg, this is so cool! thanks for sharing!


I would guess it will be story focused since the previous content was more endgame/group focused. But with the scaling difficulties it will likely present some good challenges as solo content. Hopefully they will make it group friendly though.


Thank you. I’m excited for this! Thank you.


I am trademarking the term Dargartha for it now. If you use it, you have to give me a mark of favor.


It’s interesting that the chemical that makes fungus glow is named Luciferin (from the Latin lucifer , “light-bringer”).

Also although it isn’t known why some fungus glow in permanent darkness, David Attenborough mentions a theory that bio-luminescence in fungus is to attract insects to spread the fungal spores (no reference to bees here though).