Spooky Shambala Time!

Put on your DEADLIEST… CREEPIEST… and WACKIEST outfits and come on down to Shambala Town!


EU Time Slot
NA Time Slot


Access Shambala via the Group Finder window. Available to all players above LEVEL 10


No. Bees don’t really die. But you will be able to have fun re-enacting your death over and over again! That being said there’s nothing to lose but your sanity and for most of us that left a long time ago.


To get involved and PLEASE type /chat join pvp to join the PvP channel. This keeps all the pvp banter in one place and will allow you to stay up to date on all things Shambala if you have questions!

Additionally we will be having DJ performances during the event (More details on that to follow shortly).

If I wear a shotgun. Does that count toward deadliest costume?
Joke aside…risk is high I miss most of it…again -.-

What times are you actually around!

I’m basically coming home in the middle of EU slot (saturday courses at university) and the NA slot is right on my tabletop slot I normally have each weekend (which stretches for hours and hours normally).
So I probably manage EU the later hours by logging in right after coming home but that’s all I can do.

[{I havnt stated officially but since it’s Halloween and population levels will be up I may try to get it going straight through (ie no break) if I can motivate myself to advertise enough I don’t think that should be hard to do.

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Wandering Angel Radio will be providing music to murder by! Mixlr.com/wandering-angel-radio for the tunes!!!


Is this still a thing? It’s time for the EU slot, and still no news / updates.

Live now!! Tune in!!!